Dapp Data with DappRadar Week 10

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7 Day activity of the top gaming and marketplace Dapps of the week

  1. Name: NEOFish
    Protocol: NEO
    Users: 7.7k
  2. Name: EOS Dynasty
    Protocol: EOS
    Users: 4.7k
  3. Name: CatPromotion
    Protocol: ETH
    Users: 4.1k
  4. Name: NEOLAND
    Protocol: NEO
    Users: 4k
  5. Name: My Crypto Heroes
    Protocol: ETH
    Users: 3.7k

  1. Name: F1 Delta Time
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $188.9k
  2. Name: CryptoTree
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $110.4k
  3. Name: EOS Dynasty
    Protocol: EOS
    Volume: $38.8k
  4. Name: HyperSnakes
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $33.4k
  5. Name: Sorare
    Protocol: LOOM
    Volume: $13.7k

  1. Name: Opensea
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $141.3k
    Users: 1.2k
  2. Name: TokenTrove
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $15.8k
    Users: 432
  3. Name: Miime
    Protocol: ETH
    Volume: $11.5k
    Users: 144

About Brave Frontier Heroes

Brave Frontier Heroes is the crossover of the extremely successful mobile game BRAVE FRONTIER and the no.1 blockchain game My Crypto Heroes. It combines proven gameplay, with a strong game economy. 

  • Enjoy 5-on-5 auto-battles!
  • Use your characters and equipment to build parties.
  • Take them on quests or face them off against other players in PVP mode!
  • Level up your characters to become the strongest Summoner in the world of Cryptos!
  • Trade both your equipment (Spheres) and characters (Units) with other players.

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