Splinterlands launches new NFT booster series

Splinterlands is now the Number 1 blockchain game on State Of The Dapps and Dappradar. With 100,000 daily games played and six thousand daily active accounts, the numbers just continue to grow. 

Since Splinterlands launched two years ago, more than 30 million games have been played. Splinterlands has an in-game item valuation of over $5.4million and is partnered with Wax and Sesameseed. They are now giving back to the community with this new booster series.


AZMARE Dice is a promotional card pack set to replace Essence Orbs which had sold out.

  • Only 300,000 packs minted.
  • There are 20 new and unique types of Splinterlands NFT cards n this set.
  • 6 of the new cards are Summoners and the other 14 will be unique monsters.
  • AZMARE Dice cards will feature three new and unique abilities
  • AZMARE Dice packs will contain 5 randomly generated cards from AZMARE Dice set.  Each pack is guaranteed to have at least one rare or better card.
  • Once 50,000 AZMARE Dice packs are sold, a new card will get introduced into the set. This means at 100,000 packs sold another card gets released and so forth. Players who have purchased the dice packs have a chance to receive the new cards via airdrop. In order words, players who made a purchase within the first 50,000 packs have a chance to receive 5 additional cards.

AZMURE Dice packs are available to purchase at the Splinterlands shop from August 26. The packs can only be purchase using Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) which is Splinterlands in-game currency. DEC can be acquired through in-game activities such as daily quests, season rewards and more. Alternatively, DEC can also be purchase via third-party exchanges such as Hive EngineSteem Engine, and TronTrade.

Blair “Aggroed” Reich, CEO of Splinterlands said, “Azmare Dice is a really exciting development for the game. We have new monsters, new summoners, and new abilities.  Things like this help shake up the meta and with a fairly limited print run with airdrops really open up collectors to scarce collectibles.”

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