Get double bonus in Upland today

Upland is a virtual property game based on real-world addresses. You can sign up now to get double the sign-up bonus. 

Game info

Mobile gaming seemed to have slowed down in recent months. However, Upland looks to change that. You can download the game from either Apple App Store or Google Play. Upland uses the EOS blockchain and combines real-world locations with blockchain items.

Upland is in the open beta testing phase with San Francisco as the starting location. However, players will be able to play it from anywhere in the world.

The game has its own in-game cryptocurrency (UPX) with in-game payment options to purchase them.


Every user will first experience the game as a ‘visitor’. In order to become an ‘Uplander’, players need to accumulate 10,000 UPX. This will lead to granting of full access to the game including user-to-user trading and having owned properties truly stored on the EOS blockchain.

Players can purchase properties using UPX which generates rent. This allows you to grow your UPX. There are also rental multipliers you can unlock depending on the location and how many properties you own. However, to ensure you secure your property, you have to log-in and get your visa stamped every week. Visa can be stamped unlimited times and doesn’t cost anything.

Once you accumulate 10,000 UPX, the game creates a full EOS wallet for each player, which only the player has access to. Upland is preparing to unlock new global locations, so now is a great time to jump in and experience the gameplay.

Great news for would-be players looking to sign up. If you use this browser link, you will get a 6,000 UPX bonus. This brings you more than halfway to being an ‘Uplander’.

Please note, this is double the standard sign up bonus. However, you are eligible for this bonus only if you use the given browser link (via web or mobile). If you sign up on your own through the mobile app, you will get just the standard 3,000 UPX. (Multiple accounts are not allowed!)



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