ShardTalk is the interview segment of Altcoin Buzz gaming which connects our readers to people who are shaping the Blockchain gaming space.

Here is the 8th piece of ShardTalk and we are glad to have Chan Lee, CEO of NOD Games to share more about Crypto Sword and Magic.

Game: Crypto Sword & Magic
Genre: RPG mobile game
Quick Info: Top 5 EOS gaming Dapp. Party system which allows other players to party with your character without you being in-game. Upgrade system that allows players to acquire high rarity NFTs without spending money.

The interview
Q: How big is your team as of now?

Chan: We have a solid team of 6.

Q: Is Crypto Sword & Magic f2p?

Chan: Yes, our game is free to play and you can play as a guest mode. It is even better if you have an EOS account, so you can earn.

Q: How has EOS helped in the development of Crypto Sword & Magic?

Chan: EOS has TPS suitable for games. We wanted to deliver a quality RPG game with a hasslefree gaming experience.

We are on good terms with major EOS projects and wallets. Also, we help each other because we all share a common goal to expand and enrich the EOS ecosystem.

Q: Will like to share more about the VIP system?

Chan: The VIP system is a system where royal players can be incentivized with premium features. They can upgrade their VIP tier through earning and spending crystals in-game. The crystals can be earned in-game and/or through market purchases. The VIP tier once achieved will not expire and players can activate the benefits on-demand. More benefits will be added to current offerings.

Q: How are some ways in which players can earn money in-game?

Chan: Currently, there are two ways to monetize. The first is to loot valuable gear and sell them at the auction marketplace. The second is to make your hero stronger and earn from the weekly raid. More game content for monetization would be added. 

Q: What are some tips in-game you can give to your players?

Chan: If you analyze your hero’s class and its characteristics, you will be able to figure out what gears to buy and equip to maximize your abilities.

If you analyze each raid monster’s characteristics, you will be able to figure out what gears to wear for the raid. That would give you a leg up in the raid battles.

Q: What is your favourite character in-game?

Chan: Each class has their forte. It’s hard to choose one best class. But I play a rogue and am loving it!

Q: Is there anything else you will like to share with our readers?

Chan: More exciting contents are in the pipeline. We will continue to work hard to improve our product and provide a great gaming experience.


We thank Chan for his time in providing the first interview for an EOS Dapp to appear on ShardTalk. This ends the 8th piece of ShardTalk and be sure to check out Crypto Sword and Magic with their play to earn model. You will be able to leave your character on auto-battle when you enter a dungeon. Take advantage of that and grind your way to collecting the rarest of items!

Crypto Sword and Magic


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