Blockpunk Partners with Gikutas to Release Blockchain Merch

BlockPunk, a blockchain anime studio, has joined forces with 10 of Japan’s leading Indie artists to create sports-inspired blockchain artworks. The artists come from GIKUTAS network. 

Each artist has come up with a design that features an Olympic sport as well as an inspirational motto. They will be on display at Dai Nippon Printing’s Tokyo Anime Centre from 31st January to 3rd February.

Each art piece is available for purchase as a Smart Art Print or Smartwear sports shirt. Nippon Printing uses their high-end Primo Art printer for the creation of the Smart Art Prints.

Besides, the Smart Art Prints also contain an NFC chip and a QR code that can be scanned to access their certificate of authenticity. BlockPunk’s own sportswear brand “Production FC” is responsible for the manufacturing of this apparel.

Word from the partners

Quoted from Julian Lai-Hung, CEO of BlockPunk, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Searchfield. Their GIKUTAS community is a mine of the best independent artists in Japan and it’s an honour to showcase this to the world. Our MerchPunk Platform provides fans with truly authentic merch from indie creators and official stores in Japan.”

Quoted from Makoto Hasegawa, CEO of Searchfield “Our mission for the past 10 years has always been to support creators. It has been always an issue in protecting IP and creator while looking for more market opportunities. Working with BlockPunk’s global sales network and unique blockchain technology to record and clarify creator rights and fan ownership is a very attractive solution to this perennial issue. We hope this will help reduce the hurdle to free creation and expression. We are in an era where anyone can become a creator and contribute positively to society. This is a positive step to expanding opportunities for Gikutas creators and we look forward to expanding our collaboration.”

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DNP Tokyo Anime Centre Exhibition
Blockchain Merchandise 


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