10 blockchain games added to matic network

Matic Network is becoming the go-to platform for gaming DApps. Matic is introducing 10 games during their first gaming week and deployment week. 

Since the Matic Mainnet launch, they haven’t been slowed down on onboarding more partners and DApps. Matic boasts of a high-performance, low-fee infrastructure that many games are eager to utilize.

Gaming Week

Matic held their very first DApp gaming week where they introduced a gaming DApp into their ecosystem each day. A total of 5 games were introduced during this event.

  1. Synergy of Sierra
    Synergy of Sierra is a strategy card game. The aim of the game is to defend Planet Serra from an alien threat. There are six factions of biological and mechanical creatures to use to repel alien forces. The Synergy of Serra presale is now live with 12 unique artifact cards to be discovered.
  2. Crypcade
    Crypcade is a crypto arcade for entertainment purposes. They are currently on TRON but is now powered by Matic as well with Matic token integration. Currently, only the casino is opened while the gaming arcade is still in the works. One of the unique features of CrypCade is DApp developers can deploy natively created DApps for monetization in the future.
  3. Pirates 2048
    Pirates 2048 is a futuristic pirate game where you can destroy other player’s ships to earn crypto. Matic will power Pirate 2048’s in-game token transfers. In order to play their current Beta, you’ll need to change the network in your DApp browser to Matic Main.
  4. CryptoAssault
    CryptoAssault is a strategy war MMO in a 3D world. Units will be moving in real-time to and battle other units capture territory and mine resources. Every single unit is unique and can be combined to become more powerful. Each unit is also an ERC-721 token that is tradable. Genesis sale is currently ongoing but for a limited time only.
  5. Boom Elements
    Boom Elements is currently on TRON and is a leaderboard oriented game. They are now powered by Matic as well with Matic tokens integrated into Boom.
Deployment week

DApps onboard to Matic Mainnet are increasing and they have onboarded 5 more gaming DApps during this event. There are over of 60+ Dapps waiting to be onboarded and these are the first few to be revealed.

  1. 0xUniverse
    0xUniverse is a space exploration game where you can discover and collect planets. Players can now explore 0xUniverse’s new galaxy on Matic with new legendary planets to be found. There is only a limited number of planets are each planet is a digital collectible you truly own.
  2. Blocklords
    Blocklords is a medieval strategy game previously on Loom. Now, they are using Matic Mainnet to power their user-driven NFT economy. Due to the negligible fees of Matic Network, players of Blocklords can enjoy trading NFTs more than before.

  3. 0xRacers
    0xRacers is a racing manager available on both browser and mobile. Players get to own their sweet rides to participate in races and events. Cars and tuning packs are currently at a 50% discount.
  4. Blockchain Cuties
    Blockchain Cuties is the first multi-blockchain collectible adventure game. They are currently on Ethereum, EOS, TRON and NEO blockchains and now Matic. Each cutie is unique and you can collect them, breed them, level them up and more! Blockchain Cuties is holding the first-ever NFT sale on Matic with limited edition Matic theme Cuties for sale.
  5. 0xWarriors
    0xWarriors is a competitive battle RPG game where you control a team of up to 5 warriors to battle. There are hundreds of unique weapons and armor to equip your team with. 0xWarriors is giving a 50% discount for all chests until the end of August to celebrate the support of Matic.
Matic Network

Matic Network will continue to onboard more DApps and you can follow them to see what they add next. Their Mainnet had gone live on 1 June and there is so much more they are doing besides gaming. They are a massive scaling solution using an adapted version of Plasma with PoS based side chains. Scaling is something which many blockchain games require or love to have due to the high amounts of transactions. From these two events, we can see that games look at Matic as the solution and improvement of what they already have.






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