Splinterlands: Now on TV

Splinterlands is going to be featured on the American television program NewsWatch.

The popular blockchain game is going to have a special 90-second segment that is scheduled to air in late January. Thus, it is preparing to show a 1080p broadcast-quality video to the program’s audience.

NewsWatch airs both on AMC Network and Ion Television. It’s noteworthy, that the AMC Network alone has a reach of 95+ million households in 200+ TV markets.

Speaking of the game’s benefits, they include:

  • a month-long social media campaign targeting their base of 200k followers and 500k guaranteed online impressions;
  • targeted distribution through news outlets such as Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC, the Associated Press, Wired, and HuffPost;
  • a display ad marketing Campaign through Google Display Ad network with a guarantee of 1.6M impressions.

Splinterlands continues to show the world the perks of blockchain gaming. They are constantly looking for opportunities to grow and expand their outreach. This is great news for the future of blockchain gaming. Still new to the party?  Then check out what Splinterlands is all about and why they are so successful in this space.

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