govern alien planets on Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a P2E (play to earn) game on the WAX blockchain. Seek fortune on different planets and mine Trillium (TLM) for real-world value!

Users can lease space crafts from others, and go on missions across the Alien Worlds universe.

Managing NFTs in The Alien Worlds

Users can also buy various NFTs that represent different in-game items.
These items range from:

  • Land
  • Tools
  • Minions
  • Weapons
  • Avatars
  • Missions

Items are bought and sold for in-game currency Trillium, which is also mined on planets.

Trillium is a cross-chain token that brings value to the game. Users can use this token as a transfer of value in-game, or as a stake to vote in Planetary elections. Users can earn TLM by mining different planets or staking to a Planet DAO’s reward pool.

Currently, TLM is found on most major exchanges, like Binance, and trades for USD $0.2588 per token.

Alien Worlds by the Numbers

According to Dapp Radar, Alien Worlds is not only the most popular game but the second most popular Dapp over the last 30 days.

Seeing 1.48M users over the last 30 days, Alien Worlds has nearly doubled the next closest competitor Axie Infinity, 769k.

Over the last 24h, TLM has seen $84M in trading volume, a 22% increase over the previous day.

Why Has Alien Worlds Become So Popular?

To begin, the game didn’t need MetaMask integration or any purchase of NFTs or cryptocurrency. A completely free to earn game, users can begin their adventure with little barrier to entry.

Each blockchain represents different activities.

  • On WAX planets, users can mine TLM
  • On BSC planets, users go on missions
  • Store and Access TLM on ETH

Improved tools yield higher rewards in missions. This creates a system where rare tools are the most desired. Buy and sell tools in the marketplace, and open packs to try to win rare tools. Users additionally can rent their land out to others to mine on for taxes and rewards set by the landowner.

The interoperability of chains used in Alien Worlds has created a true Metaverse. Using each chain’s specialty, like low transaction fees on BSC for example, the devs have found a way to make a seamless ecosystem. Each planet is its own DAO, where users can stake TLM to participate in its governance.

Over the last year, Alien Worlds has become one of the most popular blockchain games and for good reason. It has a wealth of income opportunities and a robust ecosystem across many worlds. With the daily player count rising each week, not only is The Alien Worlds a game people should consider playing, TLM is a token that investors should consider adding to their portfolio.

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