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EOS Network Announces Upgrade to Antelope Leap 3.1

EOS Network Announces Upgrade to Antelope Leap 3.1

On Wednesday, September 21, the EOS community announced a major upgrade that would see it become independent and a fully self-sustained platform. The community...
top coins to explode post ada hardfork

Top 5 Crypto Coins Set to EXPLODE Post Cardano Vasil Hardfork

We may be neck deep in bear market blues but that does not mean crypto development has halted. Cardano is on the verge of...
Binance.US 3rd anniversary

Binance.US Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Binance.US has reasons to celebrate. Thursday, September 22nd sees their 3rd anniversary. Reasons to be cheerful. Binance throws a virtual party in the metaverse...
the biggest crypto airdrops in 2022

Discover the Biggest Crypto Airdrops of 2022

Getting an airdrop in your account can mean thousands of dollars in free money.  In Sep 2020 Uniswap users experienced the same. 400 UNI...
curve finance review

Is Curve Finance a Good Investment?

Curve Finance is a decentralized exchange that specializes in stablecoin trading. So, the platform provides investors with various stablecoins, keeping them away from volatile...
The best tezos nft wallets

What are The Best Tezos NFT Wallets?

Since the 2021 explosions of digital arts, several blockchains have launched NFT marketplaces. These marketplaces are where digital is sold. Users would need to...
kadena blockchain review

Kadena’s Blockchain Latest Review

Kadena is one of the newly trending blockchain projects of the last few months. The project has drawn the attention of crypto investors and...
token2049 event

Discover the Leading Web3 Companies in TOKEN2049

Crypto events are great places and opportunities to find like-minded folks. You can search for new projects or show off your project. And TOKEN2049...
who are bitcoin billionaries?

Who are the Bitcoin Billionaires?

I'm sure that a good percentage of people who are new to the crypto sector are doing it to make millions of dollars in...
Kyberswap & The Merge

KyberSwap and The Merge

The Merge is in the pocket. Ethereum is now a PoS blockchain, and we experienced blockchain history. However, a small set of miners initiated...