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Flux Powers a Decentralized WordPress

Over the past two years, the world has become more aware of the concept of decentralization. This is thanks to a couple of projects....
SVB Bank Collapses and Hurts USDC

How Did the SVB Bankruptcy Affect USDC?

Unless you have been living under a financial rock, you must have noticed the downfall of the SVB bank. It's one of the three...
crypto whales

Whales are Buying THESE 3 Cryptos As Banks COLLAPSE

Amazing to see that, even with all the USDC FUD for the weekend, Bitcoin is well above 22K. Does this look like another FTX or...
Bitcoin and Altcoins Report – March Week 2

Bitcoin and Altcoins Report – March Week 2

After a turbulent weekend marked by chaos, confusion, and the demise of several crypto banks, things are recovering for now. The Feds appear to...
file and arweave review altcoins

Top 2 Niche Altcoins with STUPENDOUS Upside

Bitcoin's dominance in the market is 40% right now. Wouldn’t you love to have the leader of your favorite sector of the crypto-economy have...
the best crypto airdrops


Listen up. I love free money. That is why I am always looking out for crypto airdrops. This month's airdrops are knocking on your door....
Why Are Litecoin Ordinals Trending?

Why Are Litecoin Ordinals Trending?

Late last month, the Ordinals protocol was forked into Litecoin (LTC,) the second cryptocurrency network, with just a modest monetary reward and some technical...
wanchain telos partnership

Wanchain Adds Telos as Bridge Partner

When we think of bridges, we most likely associate news related to hacks and massive losses of funds. And yes, these types of tools...

Is Flux the Decentralized AWS (Amazon Web Services) We Need?

The rise of cloud computing represented a significant breakthrough for e-commerce. It allowed business owners to easily outsource to cloud providers and not bother...
bitcoin ordinals review

SHOCKINGLY Early Crypto Opportunity | Bitcoin Ordinals

Something Huge happened.  NFTs came to Bitcoin. Yes it did happen. In fact BAYC founder Yuga labs already raised $16.5 million (735 Bitcoin) in just...