Creaticles, an NFT platform was selected by CoinList as one of the most promising projects of 2021.

Creaticles claims to be the world’s first bespoke NFT platform. It has the aim of matching buyers looking to acquire specific art to talented and curated artists.

According to the announcement, the project was selected from 500 crypto startups as one of 8 of the most promising to participate in the CoinList Fall Seed batch.

The platform is currently running on Ethereum testnet and plans to launch to mainnet in Q4, 2021 on Ethereum and Polygon.

On the other hand, CoinList is a platform for new crypto projects to get a head start. It aims to give access to new projects and tokens before they hit the significant exchanges.

Creaticles, an NFT Requesting Marketplace

Creaticles is an NFT request marketplace where those looking for specific NFTs can request them. Then, the platform sends the projects out to the artist community. It offers several reward options for creators responding to requests, which users have to pay in ETH.

The Funnel mode allows for tiered rewards. Single-mode is where the requester pays the entire prize to the winner or creator of the chosen NFT.

On the other hand, Creaticles has created its own native token, $CRTL, through activity participation on the platform. Requesting to submit an NFT will result in a token generation.

Trevor Keith, the co-founder of Creaticles, said: “The NFT space is heating up, and new projects are emerging daily,” said Trevor Keith, co-founder of Creaticles. “For CoinList, we were one of the most unique and promising NFT projects they’ve seen, addressing a real issue in the space that is relatable.”

NFT-Related News 

In related news, U.S. crypto exchange giant Coinbase announced its own NFT platform today though it did not specify a launch date.

The announcement was made in a blog post on Oct. 13th. The company stated that NFTs would be based on Ethereum standards and available to U.S. customers initially.

Coinbase is entering a crowded market, with OpenSea, FTX, and Binance offering their NFT marketplaces.

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