BNB Chain Updates

We’ve created a list of the most important BNB ecosystem updates from the fourth week of August. 

The release of ArivaWonderland Alpha 2 is included in this week’s summary of BNB Chain upgrades. We also provide extra news from the BNB ecosystem. You can find it below.

ArivaCoin released Ariva Wonderland Alpha-2

Ariva Wonderland stands out as a VR and Blockchain-based Metaverse game in which users may go on a futuristic and infinite trip experience with their avatars. Users virtually explore this large and 3-D wonderland while connecting with other users.

Previously, an Alpha version of Ariva Wonderland was available, but it was not a public version and had limited access. Only a small number of users had access to the game, and only a few could connect to the game server. This status is about to change, thanks to upcoming updates from the Ariva Wonderland project team.

The Ariva Metaverse is now public with the public alpha-2 version. From now on, anyone can become a resident of their 3-D Metaverse and actually start playing. With their soon-to-be-patched features, you’ll be able to collect T2E (Travel2Earn) rewards and tokens along the journey.

Ariva Wonderland offers its residents amazing chances such as time travel and a second life to experience the universe’s amazing features and landmarks. It provides its users with a range of activities, such as interaction, business, income, ownership, and time travel.

BabyDogeCoin Swap Testnet Goes Live

The long-awaited Babydoge announcement has arrived. The testnet for BabyDoge’s new swap protocol has officially launched, according to a tweet made on the official account.

To use the testnet, users must first connect to Metamask or one of the other well-known wallets. Once your wallet is connected, you may swap any token for BSC. More pairs with well-known digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum will be available soon.

According to a recent AMA, the meme coin team plans to start a game in which users can stake their tokens, some of which will eventually be burned. Physical BabyDoge cards will be available shortly, allowing users to spend the token at merchants all around the world.

BNB Chain intends to hire 30K additional Web3 developers in Latin America in2022

BNB Chain is preparing to introduce a Web3 programming course for Latin American students. This area continues to be a hotspot for adoption and crypto-related activities. As a result, Binance’s BNB Chain is working with Latin America-focused education platform Platzi to create a Web3 programming course for students in the area.

The course, which aims to reach 30,000 students, will serve as a key training resource in Spanish for Web2 developers who want to work on Web3 with BNB Chain. The initiative’s goal is to boost the use of blockchain technology and Web3 education in the region. Access and education remain significant barriers to entry in Latin America.

According to a new Mastercard research, more than a third of Latin Americans have made an everyday purchase using a stablecoin, while 11% have made a purchase using a digital asset.

Furthermore, according to Chainalysis analysis, Latin America has continuously captured between 8% and 10% of global bitcoin activity, and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications are gaining momentum in the area as inflation and financial instability surge.

NFT analytics firm Zash partners with Binance

Zash, a company that tracks on-chain and social non-fungible token (NFT) data for commercial use, announced a collaboration with Binance on Tuesday.

Binance and Zash will collaborate to create a product suite of NFT data tracking and intelligence solutions for NFT companies. Furthermore, Binance will now assist Zash in testing and launching the product offering, according to Zash CEO and co-founder Parit Patel in a media release.

Zash collects and packages NFT data in a more user-friendly form positioning itself as the NFT intelligence business that can assist project founders in having a more successful NFT launch. For example, the company collects key NFT data points such as buyers and sellers, twitter counts, and Discord followers and packages them into an indexable API. It also keeps track of flippers, retweeters, holders, and other important members of an NFT community.

Binance.US is now a licensed money transmitter in Nevada

Binance US, the US arm of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has announced that it has secured the Nevada Money Transmitter License. Nevada is the seventh state to offer Binance US a license. Binance US was given this license by the Nevada Department of Business’s Financial Institutions Division.

Every firm that provides Money Transmitting Services must have a Money Transmitter License. In the United States, each of the 50 states and four territories has its money transmitter license. The license authorizes state governments to regulate services at the state level.

Binance US obtaining the license allows it to establish a position at the state level in the United States. The company expressed its delight at the decision. It noted that it is presently functioning in 46 states and Puerto Rico.

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