If you’ve been following Creta World, you’d like this massive update they shared. They are giving out free $CRETA tokens to people who qualify to play their Super Board game. 

Creta World has focused on building a strong community. So they’ve had quiz airdrops and lots of other giveaways. Their latest, the Super Board, is open to every Creta community member. So, the team will select 100 people at random who:

  1. Join Creta’s Discord (here)
  2. Submit the Google form (here)
  3. Watch the results on the board game channel on June 20.

You have until June 17, 2024, 00:59 UTC to make your submissions. Creta World will announce the randomly selected 100 participants on June 19th. The game begins on June 20.

However, there are some rules to this game.

Each player takes turns rolling the dice. Players will receive $CRETA based on the number they roll.

  • Furthermore, all players share the “Total Reward,” the sum of accumulated $CRETA.
  • When a player lands on “Start,” 1 CRETA is added to the “Total Reward,” and the player receives 5 CRETA.

When a player lands on a Smiley Card

1: No reward

2: Roll again and double the reward

3: Go to “Start”

4: Roll again and halve the reward.

5: Reset the “Total Reward” and get 5 CRETA

6: Receive 300 CRETA

Other housekeeping rules

As shared on their X:

  1. The game does not support proxy participation or multiple submissions. You are to submit once, per Discount account and wallet address.
  2. Submitting incorrect details could result in your disqualification.
  3. Leaving the Discord server before the start of the game could also lead to your disqualification.
  4. Creta could also change the date for announcing the winner. You can follow their X or Discord to keep track of that.
What we think about Creta

We believe this coming bull market will be a huge opportunity for gaming projects. And we have a couple of projects on our watchlist. But we are big fans of Creta World because of their huge plans for gamers. We already have an introductory piece on them.

But what we like the most is that they are bringing massive opportunities for gamers beyond consoles and all that. In April, they launched the Creta Nexus. The whole idea behind Creta Nexus is to create a support group where game developers can pitch their ideas to game investors. And if these investors like what they see, they’ll throw their money in.

So, with Creta, everyone in the gaming space is catered to. Both players and developers. They’ve also got this intuitive game creation engine that makes it easy for anyone to create their own game. Creta’s building this vibrant gaming ecosystem.

Creta also has nice games for players. They’ve already had a closed beta test for a new FPS game in the Creta Multiverse, Dayroot Battle Arena. They plan to release a couple of other top games soon.

We see Creta World as the “next Sandbox,” with the potential to do as much as 200x in the long run. They are still under the radar. But, they can compete with the very best gaming projects if they stick to their development plans.

You are still early with this project. If you are interested in gaming, holding small portions of their CRETA token is a good way to diversify your portfolio. Here’s the best part: Creta has a really solid team. They are in partnership with Yoshiki Okamoto, a gaming veteran. He’s one of the brains behind games like the Street Fighter series, Resident Evil, and Monster Strike.

Creta has the potential to be one of the gaming gems of the future. The token is already listed on Bitget, MEXC, and a couple of others. We could see listings on other exchanges like Binance and OKX soon.


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