Creta World is partnering with the Humanity Foundation event to support mental health awareness. This event is about increasing awareness about mental health issues at all levels of society. 

The event reflects Creta World’s commitment to humanitarian activities and charity. The event focused on addressing the social stigma attached to mental health. Creta World’s team participated in expert discussions, creating awareness about mental health. 

Creta wrote in an official statement, “Recognizing the essential role mental health plays in overall well-being and happiness, Creta remains dedicated to actively supporting such impactful initiatives, contributing to the creation of a more compassionate society.”

What’s the latest on Creta?

The Creta community has been buzzing with a lot of updates lately. The team has stayed busy building lots of amazing products. Here are a few of the latest on Creta. 

First, Creta recently launched the Creta Nexus project. Creta Nexus is an incubation program for developers. Game developers get to pitch their ideas to a gaming community. If successful, these developers will secure funding to further develop their projects. 

There’s also been lots of work on the Creta Multiverse. Creta’s multiverse is a virtual space where different metaverses can integrate. Creta recently held a closed beta test for its new FPS game in its Multiverse, Dayroot Battle Arena. 

Battle Arena is more of a battle royale shooter game. There are about thirty players engaged in a survival struggle. And the safe zone gradually shrinks. The goal is to be the last man standing. You can play in both first and last person. The game also incorporates lots of sci-fi elements, giving it more appeal. 

Creta World has also been working on some games, including Fortress 4. We’ve talked about these games in detail. Check them out here

There’s been a lot of community bonding events in Creta, such as a quiz airdrop where users got free $CRETA tokens. The team has more products in the pipeline. You can find out more on their X page. 


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