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Some years ago, it would have been impossible to think that huge banks such as HSBC, BBVA, JPMorgan, among others, would be investing in a virtual office in the metaverse now. Or that brands like Gucci, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Disney, Nike, Adidas, among others, have initiatives with current NFTs and metaverse platforms.

Likewise, many of us who are in this industry some years ago, remember when many CEOs of the world’s major banks, investors and politicians from different parts of the world, said that bitcoin was a scam. I could write a whole article listing them. However, as the industry continued to build and innovate, these same people were quietly accommodating their views, and even quietly embarking on web3 initiatives. One of them was the 45th president of the United States. Here you have Trump’s NFTs.

Trump Launched His NFTs and Sold Them All in 24 Hours .

On December 15h, Donald Trump launched on Polygon. An NFT limited edition of digital trading cards, where each one costs $99. Like he mentioned in the anouncement, the goal of this NFTs is that people can collect them like baseball cards.

In 12 hours, the entire collection (45,000 NFTs) was sold out. One of the reasons why these NFTs had such an incredible success is because you only needed a credit/debit card and an email to purchase them. In the current NFT marketplaces, you need a previous web3 background to buy NFTs.

These NFTs can not only be a good long-term investment as an asset, but also entitle you to win different prizes called “sweepstakes”:

  • Miami Dinner with Donald Trump.
  • Meet & Greet with Trump in his private Palm Beach resort.
  • Private meeting with Trump at Mar-A-Lago.
  • Play Golf with Trump for 1 hour.
  • Have an individual and group Zoom call with Trump, among others.

Trump’s NFTs strategy is the same as everyone else’s. Build a community around a product (Collectibles trading cards) giving them benefits of great value for those who use it. Some have been thrilled by this news, but others have been upset that politicians like him are starting to get on board the NFT sector.

Effects of Trump’s NFTs

The simple fact that it has decided to release its own collection of NFTs has validated this type of use of blockchain technology. Do you think an entrepreneur like him would let his personal brand be linked to a ponzi scheme or some dubious business?

Sure, Trump is not an example of a good and impeccable public image. But, when someone like him starts an NFT iniciative, it will impact very positively in the industry. Many on social media are saying that this may be a tipping point for NFT adoption and they may be right.

However, this also could be a sign of his political weakness. The goal of this NFT collection isn’t focused in his political campaign. It’s for his personal brand. So, we’ll have to see how he’ll start talking about crypto in his future statements.

With this initiative, other widely popular personalities might start to do the same. This will be a great boost to the industry. Who would you like to have as NFT? Leave us a comment.

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