Etherscan Debuts 'Cards' for Streamlined Blockchain Access

This innovative addition is part of Etherscan’s ongoing efforts to improve user accessibility and provide valuable information more efficiently.

The new “Cards” feature, located in the Address page of the Etherscan website, allows users to access crucial information rapidly.

Enhancing User Experience with Etherscan’s New ‘Cards’ Tab

It caters to those looking for quick insights into 3 important features. This approach saves time and improves user experience by organizing essential data for easy navigation.

Claimable Airdrops: One of the standout functionalities of the “Cards” feature is its ability to display claimable airdrops associated with a user’s address. Airdrops are a popular way for projects to incentivize participation or reward loyalty within the cryptocurrency community. The new “Cards” allow users to quickly check for claimable tokens without navigating multiple tabs or external sites.

Token Approvals: This is especially useful for users managing permissions and approvals across various dApps and tokens. “Cards” provides a clear overview of token approvals, helping users manage their digital assets securely and efficiently.

Identity Management Delegations (IDMs): The “Cards” feature includes IDMs, addressing the need for improved identity management in blockchain. IDMs allow users to handle their on-chain identities and the permissions associated with them more effectively. This functionality is crucial as the ecosystem continues to evolve towards more complex identity-based operations.

The introduction of “Cards” by Etherscan marks a significant step forward in making blockchain exploration more user-friendly and accessible. It simplifies several processes that previously required more in-depth navigation and familiarity with the platform, thus opening up the blockchain world to a broader audience.



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