Terra Virtua (TVK) Coming to Binance Innovation Zone

Terra Virtua, the official NFT partner of Legendary Entertainment will list in Binance Innovation Zone in a couple of hours. According to the official announcement, the Innovation Zone will start to support TVK/BTC and TVK/BUSD trading pairs. Interestingly, in the last 24 hours, TVK, the native Terra Virtua token has pumped over 42% and touched a new all-time high of $0.928936. Because of TVK pre-pump, many Binance followers are blaming Binance for leaking the listing news. However, the Binance listing is not the only reason for TVK’s pump.

Almost 3 days back, Terra Virtua announced its partnership with Polkamarkets, the Polkadot-powered prediction market. As the project is committed to building a powerful forecasting tool where traders, LPs, and users can predict the future, this partnership means a lot for Terra Virtua. Basically, Polkamarkets will leverage Terra Virtua’s technology to gamify its marketplace. To top this, Terra Virtua is coming up with the Godzilla and Kong NFTs timed with the release of the 2021 blockbuster “Godzilla vs King Kong”.

Why is Innovation Zone listing an important event?

Binance Innovation zone aims to provide crypto users a safe place to trade innovative tokens. As innovative tokens like TVK are prone to higher price volatility, the Innovation Zone can act as a boon for users who are willing to trade high-risk tokens. Moreover, the Binance listing process is overly strict and that hinders traders with a risk appetite to trade high volatility tokens. However, Binance Innovation Zone offers traders exposure to TVK like innovative tokens.

The Ouch moment!!

Phala Network, the Polkadot-powered trustless privacy network’s native token $PHA was listed on Binance Innovation Zone yesterday. Prior to the listing, the token pumped over 63% to its all-time high of $ 1.16. However, within almost 24 hours of the listing, $PHA has lost 41% of its gains.

This is not the first time that a token witnessed a pre-listing pump and a post-listing drop. And be aware the history tends to repeat itself.

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