Firo Panther partnership

Firo, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency provider, has entered into a partnership with Panther that will enable them to research privacy and anonymity for transactions.

The announcement was made on September 27th by the Panther Protocol, which provides end-to-end privacy for digital assets.

Firo, formerly known as Zcoin, has been developing cutting-edge privacy technology since 2016 and aims to expand on its research with this latest collaboration.

Forging a Path for Privacy

Firo uses zero-knowledge proofs to ensure fully anonymous transactions. It allows users to burn tokens and then redeem them later for brand new ones, eliminating the transaction history.

On the other hand, Panther aims to provide a scalable private infrastructure for smart contract platforms, DeFi, and Web3 applications. It uses zAssets to enable value exchange across blockchains in a privacy-centric environment.

Also, Panther has “anonymity pools” and Firo holders will act as privacy stakers and be rewarded for providing assets into Panther vaults.

It’s important to say that Panther CTO, Dr. Anish Mohammed, brings more than 20 years of experience in security and cryptography to the table. He was an early advisor to Ripple.

More Information about Panther and Firo

Both platforms have their native tokens, so they could be considered competitive, but the partnership proves that joining forces is often better for achieving a common goal. Panther’s token, $ZKP, has yet to reach significant exchanges for trading.

On the other hand, Firo and Panther want to collaborate in privacy technology research, cross-chain bridges, and liquidity. According to reports, Firo co-founder, Reuben Yap, said: “It is incumbent on privacy advocates to travel together. Working with Panther, we will have a great opportunity to collaborate on our ZK technologies. Onboarding with Panther will also give us access to other chains and, as a result, much increased liquidity.”

Finally, Firo unveiled a new privacy protocol called Lelantus Spark, allowing direct anonymous payments and supporting multi-signatures.

$FIRO Price Outlook

Firo’s native token, $FIRO, has traded marginally higher on the day at USD 5.22. FIRO price has taken a beating of 27% over the past fortnight. However, and is nowhere near its 2017 all-time high of USD 140 when it was known as $XZC.

There are 12.3 million $FIRO tokens circulating, giving it a market cap of USD 64.4 million at writing this article.

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