Openocean trading profits
In partnership with Terra, users can now trade optimized returns on Terra-based tokens executed by OpenOcean. Find out all details about this competition in this article.

This partnership will allow the community of OpenOcean, 400,000 active users, to be introduced to the Terra ecosystem and Terra-based assets. Moreover, the duration of the campaign will be 2-3 weeks. There are more Terra-based projects who are interested in joining the campaign, but they will be announced later.

In addition, there will be two parts of the campaign, which will distribute the total prize:

  • A competition with 80%.
  • A Lucky Draw with 20%.

Therefore, if you want to participate, you must have a total trading volume on Terra through OpenOcean that exceeds $500 USDT equivalent. Also, the awards will be allocated according to the trade volume ranking. For a $70,000 reward pool, see the example in the table below;

Rank Reward
1st $15.000
2nd $12.000
3rd $10.000
4th $7.500
5th $5.000
6th $4.000
7th $2.000
8th $1.500
9th $1.000
10th $500
11th-20th $300
21th-30th $250
31th-50th $150
51th-10th $60


Community Funding Proposal

On the other hand, OpenOcean requested 20kUSD in LUNA from Terra, which will be included in the prize pool. As a reward, they will also allocate UST from OpenOcean. Furthermore, they are actively asking for funds for the prize pool from other Terra projects. As a result, the awards will be paid in a variety of tokens, including UST and LUNA.

Therefore, the Terra community can vote for this proposal here.

More About OpenOcean

OpenOcean was founded in September 2020 and has been operating successfully for over a year. Since the protocol’s introduction, 14 networks and 70+ liquidity sources have been aggregated, and 400K+ active addresses are trading on the platform. Therefore, since its beginning, OpenOcean has offered enormous value to traders, saving millions of dollars at no extra cost.

It is the first CEX and DEX aggregator partner that is deployed on Terra. Therefore, users can now trade maximum returns on Terra-based assets using OpenOcean Atlantic, their second edition. Also, it offers an algorithm optimized for maximum profits that are not available anywhere else.

Moreover, to maximize final profits, the algorithm optimizes trading for the best returns depending on so many factors, such as:

  • Better price
  • Lower gas fee
  • Lower slippage
  • Optimal routing

In addition, this means you don’t have to worry about the tradeoff between the best pricing from using different routes and the higher gas fees that may come with it. Finally, OpenOcean analyzes everything into account and provides you with the best way to get the most out of each swap.

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