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Hi, a community-centric crypto platform is celebrating its first six months since it launched, and the platform has made some impressive milestones.

The non-profit financial services platform has had an impressive start since it launched to private beta on May 10th, 2021. Therefore, Hi revealed that it had onboarded more than 1.7 million users spanning 180 countries during this period in an update shared with Altcoinbuzz.

Moreover, the co-founder, Sean Rach, who spoke to Altcoinbuzz in July, and Head of Marketing, Sam Christian, recapped this and other hi-flying achievements in a recent video.

Hi-Dollar Circulation and Prices Surge

According to the platform’s dashboard, there are 580 million Hi Dollars in circulation. The digital asset is built on the hi Protocol, which offers superior speed and scalability, in addition to a zero transaction fee token model.

However, the Hi-Dollar is not a stablecoin as such as it is not pegged to fiat. Also, according to CoinMarketCap, its price topped USD 1 on November 8th, and the asset hit an all-time high of USD 1.42 on November 15th.

On the other hand, the platform has also announced the launch of its Android and iOS apps available in the respective app stores. Sean Rach stated that the Hi team has also grown and now has over 100 employees.

Also, the token was launched in August on Uniswap and shortly after on PancakeSwap. The company has plans to launch the Hi-Dollar on a number of centralized exchanges.

Finally, the company has launched Hi Earnings, a staking product with up to 40% returns.

What’s Coming Up?

By June, the team was already at Phase 2 of the roadmap. This involved the launch of the web app and social media channels and the announcement of investment backing. Also, phase 3 will see the rollout of fiat and crypto services, starting with credit and debit card purchases.

Also, bank transfers into the wallets will follow in addition to support for hundreds of more tokens. According to the annoucement, Rach added that the company would “soon” be launching its debit card.

Above all, Sean Rach touted a fully-fledged pay-to-earn metaverse ecosystem to go with the NFTs and mini-games that the platform intends to launch.

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