Hi DeFi services

The community-focused Hi crypto platform has launched its long-awaited mobile apps enabling users to access its digital economy through their smartphones.

On November 17, the Hi team announced that they had launched the Android app which is available from the Google Play Store.

The team stated that users can get started with as little as $10, having the ability to send and receive crypto seamlessly. Also, they are giving away 100 Hi Dollars to ten random winners who download the app and give it a 5-star review.

The app is simple to set up and users can even earn yields on certain crypto assets. The biggest plus is that users can send crypto anywhere across the globe with no fees.

Although the announcement only mentioned an Android app, the Hi team tweeted that it is also available for Apple users on iOS.

The team reminded users to download the latest version if they had already downloaded a previous one.

Other Updates from Hi

The non-profit financial services platform has onboarded more than 1.6 million users spanning 180 countries since it launched to private beta in May. Hi thanked Altcoinbuzz for reporting on their six-month milestones.

Hi co-founder Sean Rach said that there are plans to launch the currency on centralized exchanges soon. That plan was in a recent video celebrating its first six months.

He added that there will soon be support for fiat bank transfers and hundreds of more crypto assets. Hi also plans to launch its own debit card making payments even easier for users.

Further, into the future, the firm has big plans for an NFT (non-fungible token) focused Metaverse and gaming ecosystem.

Hi Dollar Price Update

Hi Dollars are not pegged to US dollars so prices can fluctuate. The token was trading at $1.03 at the time of writing after declining 23% on the day.

The token hit a peak price of $1.42 on November 15 after climbing from around $0.30 in late October. The rewards-based digital economy they offer has no ceiling on token minting. However, they are aiming for a billion users which will drive up demand over time if achieved.

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