Cartesi Network

In its latest monthly update on December 15th, Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystem, Cartesi stated that it had made progress on several incentives.

The first is Cartesi rollups, which now have extended on-chain support, having off-chain support for rollups in the emulator, Linux kernel, and supported tools.

Moreover, rollups are layer two scaling technology that batch transaction data processed outside the main chain. This results in faster transactions and lowers network fees.

Cartesi claims to be the first operating system on the blockchain. In addition, tts layer two scaling solutions integrate Linux and standard programming environments to distributed ledger technology.

Scaling Cartesi Network

In recent months, scaling has become a significant issue for blockchain projects as adoption has increased. Therefore, the Cartesi team has designed an HTTP API so that developers can be familiarized with the roll-up technology.

In an earlier blog post, the team stated that rollups would be easy and convenient, based on a web standard that has been around for decades. Therefore, instead of starting from scratch, Cartesi has developed rollups on EVM-compliant infrastructure. Additionally, it revealed that the first rollups would run on the Polygon network.

Also, Cartesi has updated its staking pools to offer 7-day and 30-day annual percentage yields. Furthermore, it has showcased DApp, “Texas HODL’em Poker.” Several updates to the game have been made, such as a finalized full port of the client app to Electron.

On the other hand, Cartesi announced a partnership with IoT blockchain IoTeX. The collaboration will allow the two to develop IoT technology and share resources jointly.

$CTSI Token Price Outlook

When writing this article, Cartesi’s native token, $CTSI, was trading at $0.65 with a marketcap of $318.7 million and a 24-hour trading volume of $25.6 million. Also, $CTSI has a circulating and total supply of 487.9 million and 1 billion tokens, respectively.

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