Injective Unveils Ethereum Layer-3 Network

This stellar performance was followed by a significant downturn this year.  Undeterred by recent market fluctuations, Injective is now gearing up for a major expansion. 

Injective is launching its layer-3 network within the Ethereum ecosystem, leveraging technology from the Arbitrum layer-2 project.

Injective’s Ethereum Expansion

This ambitious project, named “inEVM,” aims to create a more interconnected blockchain environment. inEVM is compatible with Ethereum’s EVM, essential for running smart contracts. It will connect Ethereum, Cosmos, and Solana, promoting interoperability across major blockchains.

The backbone of inEVM will be Arbitrum’s Orbit toolkit. Arbitrum offers scalable layer-2 solutions for developers to customize chains. This integration boosts Injective’s scalability and efficiency while ensuring blockchain network interoperability. Developers using the Orbit toolkit can leverage Arbitrum’s robust infrastructure to create tailor-made solutions while maintaining the ability to interact with a broad array of ecosystems.

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The strategic decision to adopt Arbitrum’s technology could rejuvenate interest and activity around the INJ token. Last year, the token’s exceptional performance set it apart in the digital asset markets. The introduction of inEVM might rekindle some of that enthusiasm, providing a fresh impetus for both developers and investors.

More about Injective
The Injective community, in collaboration with DojoSwap, is embarking on a joint venture to develop Injera and USDi. These initiatives aim to create a decentralized synthetic dollar token using Injective’s finance-focused Web3 infrastructure.
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The overarching goal is to establish a decentralized synthetic dollar token fully supported by Injective’s capabilities. This ensures its stability and reliability within the broader blockchain landscape.



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