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Polygon (MATIC) is one of the top layer 2 ETH scaling solutions available today. So, to keep our readers informed of happenings in the MATIC ecosystem, we have compiled some of this week’s top Polygon updates.

These Polygon updates range from top partnerships, platform launches, and an overview of the top gainers on the layer 2 scaling solution. Let’s find out some more Polygon Updates

1. Polygon Studios Partners With Pokeraces

Polygon Studios recently reveals details of a strategic partnership with Pokeraces. The partnership, according to reports, will help revamp how online poker is played. Introducing fun, excitement, and the possibility to earn rewards while playing the game.

Polygon Studios is also known for providing much-needed support for upcoming web 3 (metaverse) projects. Pokeraces, on the other hand, is a unique online poker game integrating the benefits of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NFTs.

2. Polygon at Korea Blockchain Week (KBW 2022)

The much-anticipated Korea blockchain week (KBW2022) is finally here. As a major player in the blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and crypto space, Polygon (MATIC) reveals that it will also be sponsoring the Korea blockchain week. The seven (7) days event is set to commence on August 7, 2022, and span to August 14, 2022. It is also the largest blockchain event in Asia and will attract about 30,000 attendees.

Also, the event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, pitch competitions, investor meetups, exciting fireside chats, etc. Are u interested in attending KBW 2022? If yes, you can get your tickets here.

3. Acentrik Goes Live on Polygon (MATIC)

The decentralized data marketplace, Acentrik, is now live on the Polygon network. Launching on the Polygon mainnet will ensure transactions are cost-effective, fast, and secure.

Acentrik is a unique initiative designed by Mercedes-Benz using Ocean Protocol technology. It also focuses on facilitating the monetization of data and also data sharing across multiple domains. It is also important to note that data sovereignty is the bedrock of Acentrik and all its services and features.

4. Top Gainers on Polygon

Some of the top gainers on Polygon over 24 hours as of August 3, 2022, include:

  • Lido Finance – The multichain liquid staking platform records a price performance increase of 21.2%
  • Synthetix – The derivative platform also increased by 15.1%
  • Curve Finance – The on-chain liquidity platform had a price performance increase of 11.6%
  • API3 – The Web3 API Economy DAO also grew by 11.1%.
  • Mask Network also grew by 9.7%

Other top gainers on Polygon (MATIC) include; Uniswap, Trust wallet, Aave, Unifi Protocol, etc.

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