Polygon news on june week 3

After every week, there are several updates in the Polygon ecosystem. Therefore, Altcoin Buzz covers some updates from the third week in June to keep readers informed.

In this week’s updates, ONTO wallet’s latest version adds support for Polygon asset swap. Additionally, we’ll look at the top gainers in the Polygon ecosystem.

1 – ONTO Wallet V4.3.0 Adds Polygon Asset Swap

During the week, ONTO Wallet rolled out its latest wallet version, ONTO Wallet V4.3.0. Notably, this new version makes it possible for users to swap assets on Polygon.

Besides, the new version now supports more Layer-2 blockchains making it exciting for users.

2 – Top Gainers on Polygon Ecosystem

Secondly, we will look at a report showing the top gainers (price performance of projects) in the Polygon ecosystem. Therefore, the CoinGecko report covers a 24-hour time frame on the 16th of June:

  • Augur ($REP), a decentralized prediction market platform amassed the most gain. It has an increment of 67.4% in price performance.
  • 0x ($ZRX), an exchange infrastructure for the internet has the second-most gain within the specified timeframe. As a result, it has increased by 29.5% in price performance.
  • Basic Attention Token ($BAT), a utility token used by digital marketers on Brave is third on the chart. It has increased by 20.9% in price performance.
  • Ren ($REN), an open protocol that enables the movement of value between blockchains is in fourth place. Therefore, it has increased by 19.4% in price performance.
  • API3 ($API3), a Web3 API economy DAO completes the top five. It has increased by 17% in price performance.

3 – Polygon dApp Trading Performance

Thirdly, a one-stop platform for decentralized applications dapp revealed the trading performances of Polygon-supported decentralized applications (dApps). Besides, the report covers a seven-day timeframe and it’s as follows:

  • Top, a single-asset mining aggregator is first on the list. It also recorded a trading volume of $64.7 million within the seven-day timeframe.
  • QuickSwap ($QUICK), a next-gen DEX for DeFi is second on the list. It also has a trading volume of $12.4 million within the seven-day timeframe.
  • Fi, a yield-bearing stablecoin, has the third-most trading volume. As a result, it has $3.8 million in trading volume within the seven-day timeframe.
  • Connext Polygon ($NEXT), a fast and trustless link between chains and rollups is in fourth place. It has $2.9 million in trading volume within the seven-day timeframe.

4 – Derby Stars is Now on Polygon

Finally, horse racing metaverse P2E game Derby Stars, is collaborating with Polygon Studios to move to the Polygon ecosystem.

Notably, Derby Star will be looking to leverage Polygon’s foundation assistance. As well as, Polygon’s community size, chain scalability and stability.

$MATIC Price Analysis

As of the time of publication, Polygon price was $0.3854 with a 24-hour trading volume of $552.6 million. MATIC price also went down by 3.5% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 6.87 billion MATIC tokens and a total supply of 10 billion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest Polygon Updates.

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