top polygon updates september week 1

The importance of being informed of events and happenings in the crypto space cannot be over-emphasized.

To keep our readers informed, Altcoin Buzz has compiled some of the top Polygon updates from the first week of September. These Polygon updates range from strategic partnerships, to project launches. We have also compiled a list of the top gainers on the Polygon (MATIC) chain. Let’s discover the Polygon updates in detail:

1. Robinhood App Adds Support For MATIC Tokens

Popular US-based crypto investing application Robinhood adds support for MATIC tokens.  This means that users will be able to transfer or withdraw their MATIC tokens using the Robinhood app without having to pay bridging fees.

Polygon Head of DeFi, Hamzah Khan, also reveals that the entire Polygon team was delighted by the partnership. Also adding that the partnership will make access to cryptos as easy as possible for Robinhood users.

2. Polygon Wallet Suite Now Live

Enjoy all things DeFi in a single interface via the recently launched Polygon wallet suite. This is a unique update not just for Polygon users but for the entire DeFi and Web 3 ecosystem. With the wallet suite, users will be able to swap, bridge, store and manage their assets in a single location.

The wallet suite will to a large extent make DeFi and Web 3 services more cost-effective, time-friendly, and easy to navigate.

3. Polygon Goes Live on Seaport

Seaport is a unique open-source NFT marketplace that provides NFT enthusiasts with a more robust albeit cost-effective experience.

Interestingly, Polygon is now supported on Seaport, with its users enjoying some of the remarkable features brought to life by the NFT marketplace. Some of these features include;

  • No more listing thresholds
  • Bulk transfers
  • Native token support
  • Multiple creator fees, etc.

4. Fireblocks | Tokeny | Polygon Partnership

All-in-one digital asset platform Fireblocks in conjunction with Tokeny is now in partnership with Polygon (MATIC).

Together the three platforms will provide institutional-grade tokenization solutions using Polygon’s ERC3643. With it, institutions and enterprises will be able to mint and manage permissioned tokens like stablecoins, digital securities, loyalty tokens, etc.

5. Top Gainers on Polygon

Some of the top gainers on Polygon over 24 hours as of August 31, 2022, include:

  • Vulcan Forged with a price-performance index of 8.7%
  • Lido Finance also records a price increase of 6.2%
  • Curve Finance with a performance index of 3.6%
  • IoTeX also had a price performance index of 2.1%.

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