Somnia Launches Metaverse Browser for Easy Web3 Access

It is a set of omnichain protocols that connect Metaverses.

Somnia has launched its Metaverse Browser. The Metaverse browser simplifies the experience of Web3 onboarding.

Somnia’s Metaverse Browser: A Gateway to Web3 Exploration

This platform empowers users to begin exploring the Metaverse and creating custom content. Somnia Metaverse Browser provides a gateway to the virtual community and its incentives. The Metaverse is vast and offers many opportunities for interaction and creation. You also get access to Metaverse games and other applications.

The Founder of Somnia, Paul Thomas, shared his thoughts on the Browser. He said, “Somnia Metaverse Browser sets the stage for a better Metaverse experience. The platform simplifies technology and empowers individuals to explore and create without limits”. You have full access to all Metaverse applications, use it to your benefit.

This tool provides a better Web3 onboarding experience than the interfaces of Web2 apps. After providing a smooth experience, it allows you to create and deploy apps. This will speed up the creation of content and allow anyone to design things like avatars, characters, and stores.

Somnia’s Bonus Feature

The Somnia Point Hunt is launching alongside the Somnia Metaverse Browser. It is an incentive campaign. You will collect points to interact with the Metaverse. There is more to it. Holders of selected Yuga Labs NFTs will get a bonus on any points earned during this campaign. Somnia partnered with Yuga Labs to bring about these bonus points.

The Somnia Metaverse Browser is available to download on Windows and Mac. The team is developing the mobile app version as we speak. 

Accessibility and availability are vital features of the Browser. With Somnia, the Metaverse is now easy to access. Builders can combine and remix content, creating a new ‘united’ virtual society. 



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