Cardano Top 10 Projects.

Alonzo’s update will begin on September 12th, and the hype around it has made $ADA growth around 1305% since January 2021.

Taking advantage of this Cardano projects milestone is by investing in $ADA. Also, another option is to join the Cardano ecosystem, which is about to explode. Investing in early-stage enterprises with modest market capitalizations has huge potential nowadays.

Just take a look at the difference between the number of companies around Cardano’s ecosystem in May and August 2021 in the picture above:Cardano Ecosystem

Over the course of three months, Cardano’s ecosystem grew to include more than 100 projects. Therefore, DeFi to NFT initiatives will continue this tendency to grow. That’s why in the first part of this article, you will discover the top 5 Cardano projects:


ERGODEX is a decentralized exchange that will allow for quick and effortless secure transfer of liquidity between Ergo and Cardano.


Source: ErgoDEX

Therefore, AMM (automated market maker) and order book exchange concepts are combined, a feat that very few DEXs accomplish. For example, Uniswap and Pancakeswap are DEXs that have high-cost transactions and decentralization problems. However, ErgoDEX’s goals are being met fast, including resolving these problems.

On the other hand, ErgoDEX is in the beta version right now. Therefore, the beta AMM has tested approximately 1100 swap transactions. So, if you want to try the ErgoDEX AMM, open a Yoroi wallet.


OccamFi’s mission is to become Cardano’s smart DeFi layer. For that, OccamFi brings users a suite of DeFi solutions that have been tailored for Cardano’s ecosystem. These tools range from launchpads, DEX tools to liquidity pools. 



OccamRazer is the first complete launchpad solution built on OccamFi for the Cardano ecosystem. It has become a primary go-to launchpad for Cardano.

On the other hand, 6 IDOs have successfully been completed, and there is a long list of upcoming IDOs. Now launchpads have done very well in the past on other blockchains, so OccamRazor is also expected to do really well.

Also, the OccamFi ecosystem has its own token $OCC, which has multiple use cases:

  1. OccamRazer tokens holders can stake $OCC to gain access to private pools. Certainly, $OCC must be staked before the IDO registration deadline. There are now five stages, each with a different stake requirement.
  2. $OCC holders can stake their tokens and not participate in the IDO yet still get rewards.
  3. OCC holders who participate in IDO’s can also earn Razer Rebate Rewards. These are like cash backs and are paid in $OCC.
  4. OCC holders will be able to participate in liquidity mining through OccamRazer pools and earn rewards.

There are over 9000 wallets that hold $OCC right now, making it one of the most used applications in Cardano.

Also, Occumfi announced the $OCX’s launch, new OccamFi’s token, and promised rewards for early supporters and $OCC holders. Certainly, there are many ways to get $OCX, depending on your position in the OccamFi ecosystem. Discover it here.


CardStarter is the first insured project accelerator for the Cardano ecosystem. Being an insured launchpad means the IDO participants are insured against any risk of financial loss in a DeFi exploit. Also, CardStarter is a decentralized accelerator and swapping platform, connecting early-stage Cardano innovators with their community. 


Source: CardStarter

On the other hand, its $CARDS token has ranked as the number 1 launchpad by current ROI because CardStarter IDO participation requires users to stake $CARDS tokens. This is the only way users can participate in a lottery or guaranteed pools.

However, participating in CardStarter’s IDOs can be costly for many people because the $CARDS token’s price is $17.8. Therefore the minimum stake required is 100 CARDS.

Did you know that Cardano’s mainnet launch, the $CARDS token, will facilitate migrating over $100,000,000 worth of liquidity from the Ethereum network to Cardano? This marks a significant milestone for CardStarter as it moves to a low-cost and completely decentralized blockchain. 

Finally, it’s important to say that over 12,293 $CARDS tokens wallets, making it the third-largest holder count of Cardano Projects.


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for AI algorithms that is secured by blockchain technology. This innovative platform gathered leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. However, SingularityNET is moving from Ethereum owing to its notorious gas costs and scalability concerns.


Source: SingularityNET

Also, SingularityNET plans to run trillions of API calls in the future. Inside its Marketplace, 51 services are listed there, and you can request a demo paid in $AGIX. This means that the platform already has developed an AI developer base.

In fact, Charles Hoskinson has been promoting the SingularityNET, which seems to be working in favor of the project.

Also, it’s important to highlight that more than 27,000 $AGIX holders are doing the project with top holder count on Cardano. Meanwhile, you can stake $AGIX, SingularityNET’s token, by vesting them in a 30-day period. This supports the operations of the blockchain.


Sundaeswap promises to be the Cardano equivalent of Uniswap and is one of the early stage Cardano initiatives that generated much attention. In May of 2021, SundaeSwap announced an Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO). This makes the ISO allow you to delegate your ADA to a SundaeSwap pool. In return, you receive some $ADA staking rewards and others as project tokens. 


Source: Sundaeswap

Therefore, the community members are eagerly awaiting its launch, and this may become one of Cardano’s highest-profitable projects. According to recent updates, the DEX is expected to launch in mid-October, and the ISO will follow shortly after.

But, what makes Sundayswap different from other DEXs building on Cardano? Well, SundaeSwap DEX has established multiple partnerships to bring liquidity since day 1. For example, they have partnered with other projects like Liqwid. According to Liqwid,  SundaeSwap will be integrated into Liqwid at the time of the Alonzo hard fork. This means users would be able to trade their tokens on SundaeSwap at a true market price.


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