Top Crypto News 06/24

The crypto market is yet to make a significant move, as Bitcoin (BTC) struggles below $35,000. The entire crypto world remains in shock as news of John McFee’s death circulates. Allegedly Mr. McFee took his own life while incarcerated in a Spanish prison.

Aside from that deeply saddening news, the crypto industry continues to grow; noting many development, and token listings.

Let’s find out some interesting crypto news for today. 

1 – Binance NFT Marketplace Goes Live

Today, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, officially launched its NFT marketplace. The platform comes amid the growing traction of the Non-fungible Token (NFT) market, which gained significant volume over the past months. 

The Binance NFT marketplace features exclusive content from top artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts. The exchange aims to make the platform the premier destination for digital collectibles and in-demand NFT content. 

Most importantly, the Binance NFT marketplace reportedly targets creators with the cheapest, and fastest minting, and trading fees. 


2 – Theta Network Mainnet V3 Nears Launch, With Guardian Node Release

The team at Theta is gradually advancing towards the release of Theta mainnet 3.0. In a tweet today, Theta announced the release of the Guardian Node v3.0.2. This development is worth including in the crypto news today since it’s a crucial step for the deployment of Theta mainnet 3.0.

Per the announcement, the Guardian Node release leads up to a hard fork, expected to happen at block height 10,968,061. The stated date for the hard fork is 12PM PT Wednesday, June 30. The upgrade will enable the Theta 3.0 features; hence, all the node operators are expected to upgrade their node. Otherwise, it could fall out of sync with the mainnet. 


3 –  Secret Network and Terra Announces “Secret Terra bridge”

Secret Network and Terra’s collaboration is another exciting part of the crypto news batch today. On Twitter, Secret Network announced the “Secret Terra Bridge,” which acts as a bridge for assets from both networks. 

Following the announcement, the Bridge provides a substantial opportunity for liquidity providers, and assets on Terra, and Secret Network. It will also enable cross-chain functionality and interoperability for assets on the two networks. 

At the moment, the Secret Terra Bridge is live on the testnet, as the mainnet is yet to launch. 

4 – ZIL Now Available in 49 US States Via Listing

ZIL, the native cryptocurrency of the Zilliqa network, is now available on, one of the leading crypto platforms. This is a good development for all ZIL investors as it extends the token accessibility to more people and regions. 

The ZIL token is now available in about 49 states in America, as Zilliqa tweeted. Meanwhile, at the time of publication this crypto news, ZIL was down by 0.5% at $0.076992 on CoinGecko.

5 – Loopring L2 Liquidity Mining Goes Live Live

Loopring, the popular Ethereum zkRollup protocol for scalability, announced that its L2 Liquidity Mining is now live. The new round (i.e., round 10) already began around 00:00 UTC on June 24th, 2021. It features more ways for traders, AMN LPs, and order book MMs to earn.

This round lasts until July 7th, 2021; a total of 13 days, according to the announcement. In conclusion of the crypto news today, Loopring (LRC) saw a small increase in price, likely due to the development today. At the time of publication, LRC was trading at $0.222271 on Coingecko.

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