TThe majority of the cryptocurrencies are down. Bitcoin slips to the 58k region. Ethereum is trading around $4000 with the fear and greed index in Greed. Enjoy your Top Crypto News for the day.

1) Binance Launches BinanceWhaleGames

Binance announces a series of games on Twitter. Each game will contain a certain task the participants should do. And the first task is to create a “Dalgona”.

Just a “Dalgona”? Is it that simple to win 50,000 dollars in $BNB?

Binance adds that the “Dalgona”

  • must contain a logo of your favorite crypto project AND
  • that project must be available on the Binance exchange

2) Secret Network Rallies 400% Ahead of its Mainnet

The native token of Secret Network, $SCRT was trading around 2 dollars in September. the token keeps trading higher. Now it’s at an All-Time High of 9.5 dollars.

Supernova Mainnet is behind this amazing price rally. The mainnet upgrade will happen on the 9th of November.

3) Kwikswap Announces New Yield Farms

Kwikswap Network has introduced two token pairs to its ever-growing Yield Pool. Kusama is adding:

  • Dapps hub Shiden (Ticker: $SDN)
  • and Ethereum.

$SDN is trading around 4.5 dollars and is available on Kraken and KuCoin.

Kwikswap is also planning for a UI change in the coming week. The native token, $KWIK is available on popular DEX Uniswap.

4) Strongnode Liquidity Farming Live on Quickswap

Growing DEX Quickswap is adding Strongnode liquidity farming pool. Strongnode is an IAAS focused on Digital Connectivity.

What is QuickSwap and Why?

QuickSwap is a decentralized exchange built on Polygon. 

It has:

  • High confirmation speeds 
  • Near zero gas fee
  • Limit orders
  • Solana Bridge

The native token of QuickSwap is $QUICK. The token has a max supply of 1 million tokens only. It is available on popular exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and

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