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The Blockchain OS, Cartesi, has continued on its strong development path with new partnerships and token listings. Its native token, $CTSI, has grown more than 1,100% in the last 12 months. 

In this article, you will discover the two reasons why Cartesi is having sustained growth: Its partnerships and token listings.

1. Cartesi & Locus Software Partnership

Last week, Cartesi announced a partnership with Locus Software as it continues to expand into the mainstream. The collaboration will enable the firm to use Cartesi’s blockchain to develop decentralized applications.

Furthermore, it added that the move will offer a hand to “mainstream businesses waiting for an easier and friendlier onboarding into the blockchain.” Also, Cartesi has been labeled as a blockchain operating system, and now operates on layer two following deployment on Polygon last month.

Additionally, Cartesi stated that it has released the first alpha version of its rollups solution in its January development update. This enables a web standard compatible HTTP application programming interface for dApp developers.

The team added that there were several improvements for the future. These include “Sequenced Inputs (used for aggregators) and starting migrating Rollups to a Diamond’s design (to reduce the cost of deploying new applications).”

2. Cartesi & SotaTek Partnership

On the other hand, Cartesi announced a new dApp contributor with SotaTek on January 13th, further expanding the development environment. The team commented:

“Working with integrators, we’re kick-starting real-world adoption of #Cartesi technology across the blockchain space.”

More Cartesi Listings

Cartesi’s native token, $CTSI, is also gaining traction with several new listings. On January 14th, Cartesi’s token will be on the Bancor exchange. This would enable liquidity providers to use $CTSI in addition to Bancor’s BNT tokens.

Furthermore, on January 17th, Cartesi announced a partnership with Vauld. Now, $CTSI has been listed on Vauld, which is a decentralized crypto platform that aims to provide users with the core elements of traditional banking.

Finally, the largest market for $CTSI trading is Binance with a daily volume of $5.5 million for the CTSI/USDT pair. Also, $CTSI is listed on Coinbase which gets $2.3 million in daily volume for the USD pair.

$CTSI Token Price Update

Cartesi’s native token, $CTSI, has fallen back slightly as crypto markets continue to decline. However, $CTSI has a marketcap of $299 million with a 24-hour trading volume of $18.5 million.

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