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A new partnership has been formed between data privacy firm Spruce and the blockchain technology company Centre. Its aim is to develop and improve decentralized identity protocols.

The collaboration was announced on February 17th with the development of a new protocol called Verite. In this article, you will talk about the latest information about Verite and how it can benefit you.

Verite: A Decentralized Identity for the Crypto Ecosystem

Verite, a new open-source decentralized identity protocol, is focusing on participants from the global crypto-financial ecosystem. Furthermore, Verite claims to bring “trust, privacy, interoperability, and risk mitigation” to individuals and institutions.

Also, Centre stated that the software has been developed in consultation with trusted industry leaders in the DeFi, exchange, and wallet ecosystems.  It aims “to solve the identity problems that arise from transacting on-chain.”

Moreover, it’s important to mention that Circle and Coinbase took an active role in this project. The firm backs the world’s second-largest stablecoin, USD Coin (USDC).

Verite Protects your Digital Identity

Personal identity has become a huge issue in recent years with the surge in scams and phishing attacks. Consequently, social media platforms haven’t done anything about it. Additionally, privacy is also a major issue nowadays. However, there is very little concern about privacy with the current social media portals that profit from personal data.

Therefore, Verite is a solution that provides secure, portable, and privacy-preserving digital identity verification. As a result, this enables benefits as KYC (know-your-customer) compliance. Remarkably, it may also lower DeFi collateral requirements without the need to disclose personal data.

According to the announcement: “Verite’s decentralized architecture reduces risks resulting from the proliferation of identity data and allows individuals and institutions to transact seamlessly over open networks.”

Eight Benefits of Verite’s Protocol

On the other hand, there are a number of benefits that the new protocol offers:

  • Identity validation without the need to store large ‘honeypots’ of personal data
  • Reduces discrimination in access to financial systems
  • Crypto wallets can meet regulatory standards
  • Improvement of decentralized credit ratings and risk scoring
  • NFT source tracking when transferred to new owners
  • Verified insurance credentials for DeFi
  • Users can control how their sensitive personal information
  • Law enforcement can detect and deter financial crime without hindering innovation

Additionally, users can use web3 identity protocols, such as Verite, in other areas. These include healthcare, creative arts, entertainment, gaming, agriculture, education, and other areas.

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