One of the things we look for in projects we report on at Altcoin Buzz is their ability to innovate and adapt to fast-changing market conditions. And one of the projects we see doing that on a regular basis is Tectum.

They have some updates for us so let’s see what’s new over at Tectum.

Introducing Tectum AI

With AI being such a hot topic, it’s natural to see projects gravitate to it. That includes projects that haven’t been involved with AI before. Some are just hoping to get their names in the conversations we have about AI coins. Others are making real innovations using AI tech to make things better for customers.

Tectum is doing the latter with its 2 new AI products. These products are TIA and TIM.

TIA is an AI autonomous agent that helps users understand their way around Tectum’s ecosystem, products, and technology. Maybe people want to learn more about Softnotes. Or maybe they want to learn about the Tectum blockchain’s speed tests to see why they say they are the fastest chain in the industry. The agent is trained in all things Tectum to act as a customer service agent and help you have a better experience using whatever product you choose.

TIM is an AI chatbot. Its role is as your virtual assistant to help you with more complex questions. Like OpenAI or other systems, you chat directly with the bot. For example, we did an article about how Softnotes process Bitcoin transactions. It could become a leading Layer 2 for Bitcoin. And maybe you want to go through the entire process of how to mint your own Softnote. Then TIM has your answer. It will list the steps and then show you how so you can mint your Softnote with confidence.


Tectum has many cool things going on for it right now. Softnotes are becoming a viable off-chain payment system for both Bitcoin and for USDT. The anonymity they offer is second to none. You can transact completely off-chain if you want, just like when using paper money. And the 2 AI products, TIA and TIM, all come from the Tectum team to help you have a better experience in the ecosystem.

At the time of writing, thanks to our friends at CoinGecko, the price of $TET is just under $10. Its market cap is $71 million with 73% or 7.3 million tokens in circulation of a total supply of 10 million.

You can find their wallet as well as information on the blockchain and its ecosystem right here if you want to check them out. MEXC,, and Uniswap are the top places to get the $TET token.


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