Worldcoin Suspends Spain Activities Amid Probe

The AEPD announced on June 4th that Tools for Humanity Corporation, behind Worldcoin, will halt data collection in Spain until 2024.

This decision is pending a final decision on the ongoing investigation. Let’s explore more about Worldcoin.

Data Collection Suspension in Spain until 2024

The decision to suspend activities follows concerns about Worldcoin’s treatment of personal user data. The AEPD had previously ordered Worldcoin to stop collecting and processing personal data in Spain in March 2024. Taken to ensure compliance and protect privacy rights in the Worldcoin project.

Worldcoin’s project, which involves the creation of a human identity and financial network, has been under scrutiny by data protection authorities due to the sensitive nature of the personal data it handles. The BayLDA is leading the investigation, focusing on determining whether Worldcoin’s data collection and processing practices comply with European data protection laws.

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According to the AEPD’s announcement, the BayLDA is actively progressing with its investigations and is expected to conclude soon. The final decision will be aligned with the positions of all concerned European supervisory authorities, ensuring a unified stance on the matter.

More About Worldcoin

Worldcoin has expanded its presence to Colombia, marking a significant milestone for the project. Users in Bogotá and Medellín now have access to World ID orb verifications, providing them with a seamless and secure means of verifying their identities within the Worldcoin ecosystem.

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This expansion underscores Worldcoin’s commitment to global accessibility. It also highlights its mission to revolutionize identity verification and financial inclusion on a worldwide scale.


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