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DEX Screener is a website that aggregates data from Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). After tinkering with the platform, we answered some queries in a two-part article series. In Part 1, we explained what DEX Screener is and how to use it. 

Today, we answer three new questions which you may have on DEX Screener.

DEX Screener for Cronos

Now, if you’re an avid Cronos chain user, DEX Screener is just for you! The website caters to many DEXes on Cronos chain.

DEX Screener for Cronos
Source: Dexscreener

To access the User Interface (UI) above, click on “Cronos” on the sidebar of the website. Or you can just click on the link here. With that, you’ve got a bird’s eye view of all the activity on Cronos’ DEXes. So, let’s discover it’s features:

  1. Types of DEXes. First, let’s look at the top bar. Here, you can see the multiple DEXes on Cronos. By clicking on “All DEXes” or any other DEX, you can view each project’s DeFi data.
  2. DeFi Data. Near the top left hand side, you can view some DeFi data. This will be based on your earlier selection in Step 1. These data comprises 24 hour volume, transactions and so forth.
  3. Trading Pair Data. In the table, you can see each trading pair’s data. These include the price, liquidity, volume etc. You can even sort these in order by clicking on the headers!
  4. Buy/Sell Data. Once you click onto a trading pair, you’ll be guided to a screen like below. Herein lies yet another array of data:
    • On the trading screen, you can customize the price chart and add indicators.
    • On the right hand side, you can set custom price alerts or add the pair to a watchlist.
    • Below the alerts, you can gauge social sentiment too! There’re 4 emojis here (🚀, 🔥, 💩 and 🚩). They act as indicators for investor sentiments.
    • On the order book, you get live information on buy and sell orders too!
VVS CRO price data
Source: Dexscreener
Supported Cronos Trading Pairs and DEXes

Moreover, DEX Screener supports 602 trading pairs for 18 of the top DEXes on Cronos! Some popular trading pairs include:

The most popular DEXes include:

So, it’s safe to say that you’ve got a handy tool for your DeFi journey on Cronos.

DEX Screener for Avalanche

However, if you’re a fan of Avalanche (AVAX) instead, DEX Screener can help you too! To navigate across AVAX’s DeFi ecosystem, click on “Avalanche” on the sidebar. Or you could just click the link here.

DEX Screener for Avalanche
Source: Dexscreener

Now, I hope you’ve learnt how to navigate the UI above! Otherwise, head back to the previous section. Although the guide was for Cronos chain, it applies similarly for AVAX.

Supported Avalanche Trading Pairs and DEXes

As of now, DEX Screener supports 1,019 trading pairs for 16 of the top DEXes on AVAX. Some popular trading pairs include:

The most popular DEXes include:

In a nutshell, you should use DEX Screener as a guide to navigate AVAX’s DeFi ecosystem too! They’ve got all the data in one place. Thus, it’s really convenient for investors like you and me.

DEX Screener App

Yet, it seems like the project isn’t stopping here. To make navigating DeFi easier for us, they’re rolling out an app too!

Sadly, the app is not yet ready as of time of writing. It’s currently still under development. However, you do have the chance to try out the app. Recently, the team has released a public beta version. You can download it through the links below:

If you do decide to try out the app, do submit your feedback to the team’s discord here.


To summarize, we hope you’ve picked up some know-how for using DEX Screener. Despite the current bearish market conditions, many teams are still building on DeFi. It’d be wise to keep an eye out for such projects through DEX Screener.

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