Best Early Stage Projects With Huge Funding in May 2023 - Part 1

At Altcoin Buzz, we like to find crypto projects that have a lot of potentials but are still in their early phases. We are convinced that there are more crypto initiatives that show better conditions to solve the needs of the industry. 

As a result, we wish to provide you with the most recent news on crypto projects that will pique your interest in May 2023.

Project #1: zkLink

zkLink is a multi-chain trading layer for DeFi and NFTs secured with zk-SNARKs technology. It has its own order book DEX and NFT marketplace. This platform lets users aggregate assets natively from L1 and L2 blockchains.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $10M in a Strategic funding round with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Ascensive Assets, Big Brain Holdings, and others.

Also, it has a launchpad, an L2 wallet, and a derivative trading feature. Currently, it’s compatible with BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, zkSync, Scroll, Linea, Starknet, and Solana.

Project #2: Entendre Finance

Entendre Finance is a Web3 fully automated accounting platform where users can keep track of all the crypto transactions, and how many assets they have, among others. With tags, this platform will let users can rapidly organize data on every wallet.

It’s very interesting that Entendre Finance is compatible with 10 chains, 7 accounting software platforms, 3 centralized exchanges, and 1 marketplace. One of his latest achievements has been completing a $4M Seed round led by Basis Set.

Project #3: Tangem

Tangem is an open-source wallet, made in Switzerland, that let users can connect to three different cards. This wallet integrated many DeFi protocols to let people can swap different tokens, buy NFTs, and make loans /deposits.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $8M in a funding round led by Shima Capital.

Tangom aims to make cold storage easier to use by using cards with NFC technology.

Project #4: Fedi

Fedi is a platform that provides a new way for how communities and organizations can manage their data and money in a more secure way. There are more than 100 communities and 2 million members already registered in Fedi around the world.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $17M Series A led by Ego Death Capital.

This Bitcoin platform provides different solutions to different kinds of businesses. For example:

  • Safety funds management (Get instant access in seconds without third-party failures).
  • Establish an encrypted messaging platform.
Project #5: FARE Protocol

FARE Protocol is a token that can be minted or burned through FARE probability contracts. Users can deploy FARE tokens in smart contracts created by developers for the chance to rapidly mint or burn their existing FARE. These probabilities are open, independently random, and favor burning.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $6.2M Seed round co-led by C Squared Ventures and Goat Capital.

Project #6: Nolus

Nolus is a DeFi lease platform that makes the borrowing/lending process easier and more efficient through over-collateralization, asset ownership, and lower liquidation risk methods.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $2.5M in a Seed round with participation from Dorahacks, Everstake, Cogitent Ventures, and others.

With its NLS token, stakeholders will have higher rewards and, at the same time, help the protocol to be more secure. Also, it provides lower interest rates and better-supplying funds rates.

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