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Unreal Engine 5, AAA games, and blockchain. Sounds familiar? There are a handful of on-chain games available that have these features. The Paradox Metaverse is one of them. It’s free-to-play and Play-to-Earn (P2E) that has its own native currency and ecosystem.

So, let’s take a dive into the Paradox Metaverse. The following video gives a good description of this project.

What Is Paradox Metaverse?

The Paradox Metaverse is a gaming platform that uses blockchain technology. Paradox Labs is behind this project, founded by Amio Talio. They’re based in the UK. Some of their most important features include:

  • Build on Unreal Engine 5. This gives amazing visuals.
  • AAA Game. It stands for a high-budget and high-profile game.
  • Play-to-Earn. Generate income whilst playing the game.

They offer a multiplayer game. In other words, you can play 24/7 around the world. However, keep in mind that you may have to invest in NFTs to take part in the game. But here’s a nice feature, you can also rent their NFTs. Furthermore, Paradox Studios also built an ecosystem around and in their metaverse. You can find:

  • ParaDAO
  • PARADOX, their native token  
  • An NFT marketplace
  • ParaPad, their Launchpad
  • P2E game
  • ParaSwap, a DEX
  • ParaChain, their Layer 1 blockchain, is coming soon.

The team aims to merge Web2 with Web3. This way to want to grow the blockchain gaming market. The picture below shows some in-game NFT characters.

paradox metaverse review

Source: Twitter
How Does the Paradox Metaverse Work?

The Paradox Metaverse works in a straightforward way. That’s the best way to gain adoption. Their game is free to play. However, you will need NFTs to take part in the game. You can either buy or rent the NFTs. NFT owners can rent out their NFTs and earn passive income that way.

If you want to buy their NFTs, you can do this only on OpenSea. However, there’s also their own NFT marketplace. The alternative is to rent NFTs from other players. The game takes place in Paradox City and there are seven playable characters.

The game will follow a story. For instance, ‘The Prologue’ has three chapters. You can find missions all over Paradox City. Completing tasks earns you rewards. All missions follow the storyline. For example, all over the city, you can find portals. These bring you instantly to other parts of town or other planets. Missions take around 8 hours to complete. There’s a 24-hour stand-down period before you can start a new mission. Any in-game NFTs you win, you can’t sell for 7 days.

So, there are 5 different currencies. For instance,

  1. P-Bucks – (In-Game Virtual Currency)
  2. PARADOX – Token (ERC20)
  3. PARA – Characters & Land (NFT) (ERC721)
  4. ASSET – In-Game Assets (ERC-1155) 
  5. PDAO – DAO (ERC-20) 

Below is a picture of the Paradox dashboard.

Paradox Metaverse

Source: Paradox dashboard

The Paradox Metaverse NFT

The Paradox Metaverse also has in-game characters who are Paradoxians. There are 8,888 of them. They have different traits, rarities, and roles. The game has seven main characters. They all come in the form of NFTs. Their mint price was 0.2 ETH. However, the current floor at OpenSea is 0.01 ETH.

  • All NFTs are on-chain. You own the IP until you sell them.
  • The NFTs are all made from scratch on Unreal Engine 5.
  • The collection launched on Ethereum.
  • You can transfer them to compatible metaverses.

Here is an explanation of the seven main characters. For example,

  • Dexter – The main character and a Rascals’ gang leader. There are 2,460 Dexter NFTs.
  • Billy the Kid – A weapons specialist. There are 2,460 Billy NFTs. 
  • Cain – The Paradox architect who betrayed Dexter. There are 2,460 Cain NFTs. 
  • Darwin – A character with many roles. For example, bartender or black-market merchant. There are 758 Darwin NFTs. 
  • PCPD or Paradox City Police Department – Robots that need to keep the peace in the city. Number of NFTs tbc.
  • Osiris – A sorcerer. Number of NFTs tbc. 
  • AK1R0, The Ronin Samurai Robot (Akiro) – A robot with a free will, made by Cain. There are 750 Akiro NFTs. 

There will also be land plots in the form of NFTs available in due time. These land plots will have integrated buildings on them. Once available, you can buy the land plots. The following video shows in-game scenes.

How to Buy the Paradox Coin?

The Paradox coin is the only coin available on an exchange. Currently, it’s only available at Huobi or BitMart. They both listed the Paradox coin on 17th November 2022. Both exchanges require a KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. In general, every CEX (centralized exchange) requires this. This involves a picture of your ID and a selfie.

Here’s a tutorial on how you can buy crypto on Huobi. This tutorial explains how you can do this on BitMart.

To summarize, the current price of Paradox coin is $0.001157. It has a self-reported market cap of $14,462. The total supply is 1 billion coins. There’s a self-reported circulating supply of 12.7 million PARADOX coins.

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