pillars of the metaverse

We can compare the growth of the metaverse with that of the internet. At first, back in the nineties, there was a lot of skepticism. However, bit by bit, people started to warm up to it. Suddenly, the internet was everywhere. Nowadays, we can’t do anything without it.

The internet changed the world. The metaverse has the potential to do the same. Who will be in the next wave of Web 3 firms? Who is part of this succession to the internet? These firms need to understand the metaverse fundamentals. So, here are 5 laws they will have to follow if they want to succeed.

What Are the 5 Laws of the Metaverse? 

Uhive set up these 5 laws of the metaverse. They are the first social metaverse. They say that there is a way to take back control from Big Tech. Two things help you to achieve this:

  • Understand what the metaverse means.
  • What can the metaverse do for you?

Therefore, let’s have a look at what these 5 laws are:

Law # 1: Complete Freedom by Utilizing Decentralization

The contemporary social media as we know them are ‘kaputt’. Despite potential user growth, the real issue at hand is that social media networks control all aspects of this experience. It’s centralized, and they also get to decide who can play, what they can say, and how loud.

However, there’s a decentralized way of ways to moderate. Each user can take part, via a vote of a governance structure that decides how loud your voice can be. This vote is you, the user. 

Law # 2: Create a Global Universal Income for Every User

The ability to distribute a global universal income for everyone is a unique value proposition that the metaverse can achieve. It promises that they share ‘wealth’. This sharing, they do proportionately with users. It involves these three aspects;

  • User acquisition
  • Token trading volume
  • And token price

The idea is that the state of the real-world economy, won’t affect their metaverse economy. In other words, corporations go down on the outside of the real world. 

Law # 3: Allowing Users to Control Its Policies

One of the main goals of the metaverse is to give full control to the users. This happens through councils and public boards. For example, with launching community moderation. In this point, DAOs are the perfect tool to achieve this. Here is an example:

Centrally controlled metaverses limit their scalability options. Everybody, in the creative process, gets cut off from their fair share. This way, these firms will have limited control.

Law # 4: A Circular Economy

This means that everything can be sellable and tradable using the blockchain. This means that anyone can buy, sell, and trade everything. For instance, your content, profile, name, or location. All this can change hands between users. You can use it in the virtual or physical world. Here is an example:

Law # 5: Interact in an Immersive Metaverse 

By following this 5th law, you create a virtual world. In this world, users can communicate, and find information, among many other things. This opens up endless possibilities. As such, it’s part of the new virtual internet world, or Web 3.

Therefore, there should be no limitations on the original design. Instead, it should be open. It should also offer never-ending opportunities and possibilities. Here is an example of an immersive metaverse.

Nowadays, everybody can build on top of this virtual world. 

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