Understanding the Upland Metaverse

Powered by the EOS blockchain, Upland is a property-trading, city-building metaverse where players can explore, buy/sell properties, build structures, and interact with other Uplanders. The platform also has an in-game token, UPX, which is used inside the Upland metaverse to buy property.

The game is designed by analyzing real-world market data. The Upland team has closely inspected each property based on its historic and popularity factor and set its price.

So, In this article, we will explain the key details about the Upland metaverse like the different kinds of user status, property types, and its rarity.

UPX Token

The UPX token is used within the Upland gaming ecosystem. You cannot trade it in the market. Users can buy the token from the Upland store by using their crypto or PayPal account. Once you have enough UPX tokens, you can look for the properties to buy. If you are a new user, then you can go for properties marked with FSA.

We will explain the steps on how you can buy UPX tokens, and how to later buy properties with it in our next article.

Understanding Property in Upland

You may have observed that the properties in Upland are marked in different colors. Each color has a different meaning and significance. Therefore, before buying any property, you should understand what each of these colors mean.

Upland Properties are categorized into the following two sections:

  • Minted – Owned by other players.
  • Unminted – Never had an owner.

Below are the different colors of properties that you may find in the Upland ecosystem.

  1. Bright Green Properties

Unlocked, unminted properties. You can mint it and then buy the property directly from Upland. The property prices are determined by analyzing the real-world market data. You must hold enough UPX tokens in your account to purchase a property.

  1. FSA (Fair Start Act)

When you explore Upland, you will find many properties marked with FSA. These properties are reserved for new players. That means only new players (Visitors and Uplanders) have access to buy FSA. Once you become Pro, i.e., having a net worth of 100k UPX or more, you will no longer be able to mint FSA properties.

  1. Dark Green Properties

Owned and minted properties, currently listed on the secondary market for sale.

  1. Blue Properties

Minted properties owned by Upland players. These properties are not listed in the secondary market, but still, you can send a purchase offer to the property owner.

  1. Dark Blue Properties

Minted properties, currently owned by you.

  1. Gray Properties

Locked, unminted properties that are not opened for minting yet. Furthermore, each city has some locked properties that are reserved for future Landmark sales and auctions.

Rarity Of Properties

Each property carries a rarity value (less or more) that significantly impacts its value. The rarity levels have therefore been determined by collecting research and analyzing data behind their popularity and historic value.

Based upon rarity, the properties in Upland have been divided into five categories:

  • Standard – These are the common properties with no or less historical value.
  • Limited – Consists of large, popular areas like famous streets or neighborhoods.
  • Exclusive – Consists of well-known streets or neighborhoods with limited availability.
  • Rare – Rarest properties in Upland, which generally comprises the most influential areas of the city.
  • Ultra-Rare – Extremely rare and exclusive properties in each city.
 Upland Player/User Status

Upland users are categorized into various levels. The status level of a user is determined by his/her net worth, which is calculated by combining the assets owned by him plus UPX holdings.

The higher the status, the more benefits he will get. Below are the various user categories in Upland:

  • Visitor

When a new user joins the platform, he starts with Visitor status. Normally a Visitor will have a net worth between 0 to 9,999 UPX. However, new users need to log in regularly and renew their visas every seven days. If any user fails to do so, then his property will be recycled and his UPX tokens will be deposited back into the community pool.

  • Uplander

Players with a net worth greater than 9,999 UPX can upgrade to Uplanders. Once you become an Uplander, your account and assets will be permanently stored in the network. In other words, your assets will not be recycled and you do not need to renew your visa regularly. With this status, you will get some extra benefits. Your game account will get linked to your EOS account. You will also get access to a secondary marketplace where you can sell your NFTs in UPX or USD.

  • Pro

Players with a net worth >= 100,000 UPX can be leveled up to Pro. This status will unlock an interesting feature where the Pro icon will be visible on your block explorer. Also, if a user reaches this level during a certain period of months, he/she will get Spark rewards.

  • Director

A player with a net worth >= 1,000,000 UPX belongs to this status. Directors can customize their block explorer as per their wishes. They can also send their preferred design to the Upland design team, and the team will use that design to make a unique block explorer. They are also eligible to receive a .5 Spark reward for their achievement.

  • Executive

Players with a net worth of at least 10,000,000 UPX can become an Executive. They receive 1 Spark for their achievement and fall under the elite player category.

  • Chief Executive

Last year, the Upland team included the highest status for their exclusive users who are holding >=100,000,000 UPX.

In the next part of this series, we will explain in detail how you can create an account in Upland and how to buy or sell a property.

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