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With so many NFT marketplaces around, it can get overwhelming looking through them for the best-priced NFTs. Here comes Gem, a leading NFT market aggregator for Opensea, LooksRare, Rarible, and X2Y2.

Gem, which was recently acquired by Opensea, is a leading NFT marketplace aggregator for 4 major platforms. The platform offers users a seamless, fuss-free NFT experience while solving one of the biggest pain points faced by users: Gas fees.

Gem’s User-Friendly Features In Detail

Gem serves one of the largest markets in the crypto space right now, which ballooned to $41 billion in 2021, according to Bloomberg. It plays a crucial role in spearheading the adoption of NFT by implementing several user-friendly features.

  1. Batch Purchases. With batch purchases, you can now buy NFTs across different marketplaces in one single transaction, significantly reducing the gas fees required. You can also batch sell NFTs across different marketplaces and set the price on each marketplace. Aside from the time and gas savings, you are also eligible for the rewards on the respective marketplace when you transact on Gem. Say goodbye to the days of spending unnecessarily high gas fees on your NFTs!
  2. Rarity Ranking. Gem has recently announced partnerships with Trait Sniper and Rarity Sniper to allow you to make a more informed decision when making purchases.

    NFT Rarity RankingsSource:

  3. Data Analytics. Upon selecting an NFT collection, you can access collection analytics such as price, volume, and floor depth charts from the side panel. You can also see a live feed of recent transactions. A live mode feature identifies NFTs that are pending purchase so that you can avoid or snipe them. Gem’s integration with Bubble Maps also allows you to view and track the top 150 wallets. With enough effort, you can track smart money movements to make smarter decisions.

Currently, the closest competitor to Gem is Genie. Genie is also an NFT market aggregator that is integrated with Opensea, LooksRare, and X2Y2. However, Genie pales in comparison when we analyze the various metrics of the NFT aggregators. This further shows us the strength and user confidence in Gem.


NFT enthusiasts would be no strangers to the exorbitant gas fees that Ethereum, home to the largest NFT ecosystem, is infamous for. However, with the rise of NFT aggregators such as Gem, users are now better equipped with comprehensive information in one platform. This platform guides us in making more informed decisions, while keeping costs low. With the acquisition of Gem by Opensea, we believe this would further synergize and solidify Gem’s market leadership position in the NFT aggregation space.

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