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What annoys you about YouTube? Do you wish there was an alternative? Even if you are satisfied with their service, there are more than a few reasons to consider testing the waters with this YouTube competitor. Let’s look at the strengths and weaknesses of the DTube platform in this review.

As you may already be aware, YouTube has been on the attack. They have been actively removing videos, handing out strikes, and banning channels. Our very own Altcoin Buzz channel has also been affected as it could not escape their arbitrary decisionmaking unscathed. This is pretty annoying. So, perhaps it’s time we take a look at an alternative.

Decentralized Tube, or as it is more commonly known, DTube is an application built on top of the Steem blockchain. It has come up through the ranks of blockchain-based video streaming and stands to challenge YouTube’s reign.

User interface

The DTube user interface is similar to the one you find on YouTube. This familiarity makes it easy for users to make a smooth transition. Moreover, it is not cluttered with ads and feels clean and simple.

You can login with a DTube, Steemit, or HIVE account. Having multiple accounts/logins for one platform was different than YouTube, so I needed to get used to that initially. However, I didn’t have any complaints with the user interface. And I like it a lot because it feels familiar to YouTube. I am looking for a YouTube alternative/replacement, not something totally different like dlive (which is more similar to Twitch).

Earning rewards: DTube strengths vs YouTube

Content creators, as well as the users, can earn rewards for their participation on DTube. That is a very strong reason why you should consider having an account with DTube!

As a content creator on YouTube, you may earn from ad revenues and referral links. You can likewise place referral links on DTube, but you also earn from other metrics (like the amount of likes on your videos).

As a YouTube user, you may never see a dime from your time on the platform. As a DTube user, you can also earn – just like creators (from people liking your comments)! In the past month, I’ve gotten some hearts and replies from some of my favorite YouTubers. For me, this felt pretty cool – but imagine if their replies, likes, or hearts also came with some monetary benefit.

Content creators add value to the YouTube brand and ecosystem, and they also attract and retain users for the platform. Users also contribute to the ecosystem through interactions, likes, comments, etc. YouTube profits from all of this activity, leaving you with what feels like the leftovers. DTube has great potential because everyone can profit from their interactions on the platform – you don’t get this on YouTube.

The screenshot below shows an example of a user’s comment, with a few likes, and how much that user earned from their comment (which was about $0.05).


Not all is, however, rosy with DTube. When I posted this comment, the page froze and I had to refresh the browser. I have experienced this while trying different actions from different browsers. This hasn’t been a huge problem for me, but it is there. Hopefully, bug fixes will take place over time.

Also, the search engine capability is nowhere near YouTube’s. I uploaded a video using my 2018 iPad Pro with a Bluetooth mouse on iPadOS 13.4 and could not find it using the search bar. In this search, I tried various combinations of words from my title and description. I can easily find this same video over on YouTube when using the same search words. Clearly, there is room for improvement in this parameter, and we will see it addressed in the future.

Since DTube is still relatively young and growing, it is obvious that there are not as many users and content creators as YouTube. This means you may not always find the type of videos or content that you are looking for. There is, however, an option to add videos from other platforms (like YouTube) with a simple URL. So a person could upload a video on YouTube and just copy and paste the link on DTube.


I noticed people finding content that they like on YouTube and sharing it to the DTube platform using this functionality. So, it could be really easy to get most of the YouTube videos you enjoy over on DTube. And, moreover, you might also have a better chance at engagement and acquiring/growing your audience on the younger platform. This is another reason to consider testing the waters with DTube.

Final thoughts

I would like to see more content creators and viewers coming into the platform, and I think this would be easier or faster if there was some form of referral program (just my opinion). It would also be cool to see more advertising or marketing going on, like fun commercials on YouTube or banner ads on CoinMarketCap.

DTube is also conducting a token sale at the time of writing this. The DTC token sale helps fund a project with a working product that I actually use, so I’d be happy to participate. I will very likely get involved with the token sale, not just to speculate on coin price, but to help fund and grow a cool platform.

I hope this DTube review was helpful. If you want a more in-depth and comprehensive walk-through, check out this video.

And to not limit yourself to DTube alone, you may also like to check out our list of decentralized alternatives to YouTube.


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