If you’re a fan of gaming and earning, then stick around. Today’s video is for you. There is a new project changing the entire Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming scene. Today, we are talking about LandRocker.

LandRocker isn’t just another P2E game. It’s a game-changer. Think about good graphics, top gameplay. And a chance to earn. They’re tackling two of the biggest issues in the industry: inflation and trust. They also offer a solution that harmonizes Play-to-Earn with Play-to-Win. Let’s see more about this crypto gaming.

The numbers speak for themselves. They’ve already raised over $2 million in their presale. And onboarded over 75,000 unique active wallets during their web-based Beta. And now, they’re gearing up for a major launch on two of the biggest exchanges. I’ll tell you more about that later. Now, let’s look at LandRocker.

What is LandRocker?

Picture this: you’re traveling to faraway planets, liberating them from alien control. And launching epic mining missions. Your goal? To collect rare and valuable resources like crypto tokens, and crafting materials. Sounds cool, right?

That’s what LandRocker is all about. LandRocker is a multiplayer game. The game was developed by INFINITE8, an award-winning company. The team is pretty well experienced in tech, blockchain gaming, and AI. They have over 20 years of experience in this field. And currently operates in over 30 countries.

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They put in a lot of work in LandRocker. A simple glance at the gameplay shows you that it isn’t your average P2E game. Their focus isn’t just on the economic side of things. They actually put in a lot of work in the graphics and gameplay. LandRocker has a downloadable 3D mode. The game is pretty loaded with fun. 

So, at its core, LandRocker is a universe filled with limitless and unique planets and lots of valuable resources. Your mission is simple. Gather as many rewards as you can. But it doesn’t come easy. You have to overcome obstacles and return victorious. The game is more like classic games like HELLDIVERS. 

LandRocker is huge, featuring around 79 quintillion planets. That’s 790,000 times more than the stars in the Milky Way and an even more successful game than “No Man’s Sky.” Each planet is unique, with its environment, ecosystem, wildlife, and living biomes. The game is a multiplayer action-packed third-person shooter game. But the fun isn’t rigid. The action grows stronger with each season. The team keeps updating the game modes.

LandRocker is launching soon with Season Zero as the first. There’s a leaderboard that players can climb by defeating enemies. There’s a total leaderboard prize pool of about 20 million $LRT tokens plus $5000. Players will get their rewards based on their share of total points. 

More About LandRocker

So, the entire concept of the game prioritizes your experience. And that’s something we’ve struggled with playing most P2E games. There’s little storyline or good graphics and gameplay. But LandRocker targets both Web2 and Web3 players. So, they made it more appealing to their target audience. 

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There are three modes in the game:

First up, we have Play-to-Liberate. Free planets from alien control, and guess what? You can mine them and unlock new gameplay. It’s all about exploration and conquest. Players also get to earn passive income from the revenues generated from the planets they liberate. So, both players and the game modes help create a sustainable economy. And control inflation. 

Then, there’s play to earn. Here’s where you use your trusty Rovers on those liberated planets to mine resources. This is where you’ll craft new gear and upgrade your equipment. The better your Rover, the bigger your rewards.

Rovers are like the heart of the game. The stronger your Rover, the more you can earn. Each player starts with a basic version. But the game allows you to upgrade it. You can also replace it with a superior, NFT-based Rover. The final mode is the Play-to-Win. Take on risky missions for a chance to win crypto. It’s all about the thrill of discovery and the promise of valuable rewards.

What’s Unique about LandRocker?

LandRocker’s uniqueness lies in its use of privacy tech in its smart contracts to manage rewards and validation. These smart contracts use ZK technology to conceal rewards. So, not even the team knows what’s up. It helps keep the game fair, too. Also, the game has several ways for you to monetize your gameplay. You can even trade assets on the marketplace. And sell your in-game assets for real-world value.

On the business side, LandRocker is pretty solid. They’ve got many partners within and outside of Web3, Some of their partners include ImmutableX. LandRocker has already been audited and accepted into the ImmutableX ecosystem. They’ve also partnered with SKALE and Gate Labs.

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The team raised $2.8 million in a recent presale. But they are dedicating all those funds to developing the game. They’ve also made it easy for players to access huge rewards. They have a hunting campaign where players can earn Bitcoin and Ethereum. Players can even get 1 full Bitcoin in the upcoming Bitcoin Hunt.

The LRT Token

LRT is LandRocker’s utility token. With the $LRT token, you can buy in-game items like fuel, rovers, materials, and blueprints. Just head over to their marketplace. You can also stake your $LRT. This can earn you rewards like more $LRT tokens, rovers, or fuel.

There will be seasonal leaderboards where you can win more $LRT. Plus, $LRT is on the Polygon chain, making it EVM-compatible and inexpensive. The total supply is 10 billion $LRT, with 35% dedicated to game incentives like P2E and staking.

LandRover has already secured listings on Uniswap and MEXC. They are targeting other exchanges like Bybit, OKX, and even Binance. The project is free to play. So, anyone can play. 

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The official LandRocker game will be launched between the 27th and 28th of May. That’s the same time as the listing. Even before launch, the web-based Beta was a hit over 75k unique active wallets joined during the test phase.

The Beta Lite Game was a 2D version, but the official release will kick off with a PC-based 3D version. Other formats, including a 3D version, will come later. If you like what you’ve heard so far, then your best chance to get $LRT is on Uniswap. Just click on this link and you can pick some up today.



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