How to play MOBOX guide

MOBOX is a community-powered gaming platform that brings the combined essence of Defi yield farming along with NFT. By using this unique functionality, the platform aims to enhance user participation and entertainment with the benefit of a high yield of return opportunities.

The major benefit of MOBOX is its Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn model. Therefore, users can acquire NFTs and earn MBOX, its native token, by playing the games. Therefore, in this article, you will discover how you can take advantage of this P2E game and how you can earn NFTs or MBOX.

What is MOBOX?

MOBOX allows the users to design and mint the NFT that they can use across the whole MOMOverse. It also offers lifetime trading fees to the original owners of the NFT. Apart from NFT, the platform support Defi functionality i.e users can deposit assets into the liquidity pool.

Then, they can deposit LP tokens into the Crates which consists of a set of optimized yield farming smart contracts. Currently, the platform has only a BNB-MOBOX farm pool where users can deposit their LP tokens and earn MBOX.

How To Access MOBOX

To use the MOBOX gaming platform, visit their page.


Now click on Visit, and you will be redirected to the below screen with the link


You can see the different games currently present in the MOBOX gaming universe that users can explore. But, first, you have to log in/register.

Register/Login To MOBOX

Existing users can log in to their accounts by giving their credentials. But, if you are a new MOBOX user, then click on Register. Next, a window will appear where you need to fill in a few mandatory details like a unique username, password, and phone number. Once you fill in these details, click on the Verification code, and a code will be sent to your registered phone number. Enter that code and your account will be created.


You can now see the various features offered by the platform. Now, you will see the most important features of MOBOX:

1) MOMO Farmer

To access it, you need to click on MOMO Farmer.


Then, you need to connect your desired wallet. The platform allows you to connect to MOBOX wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, Metamask, WalletConnect, and safepal. The platform recommends its users use the MOBOX wallet.

Now, we want you to learn how you can install and set up the MOBOX wallet. In this article, we will use our Metamask wallet to access the platform.

2) MOBOX Wallet

MOBOX wallet allows the users to manage their NFT existing in TRON, ETH, and BSC blockchains in a single wallet interface. It is available for mobile as well as desktop users. Users can download the mobile application from the Google Play Store, iOS, and Android APK. Also, Desktop users can follow the below steps to install the MOBOX Wallet application in their browser extension.

To install the application, visit the link. You will find the Add To Chrome button.


Click on that button and provide your approval to add the application to your browser extension. Once the application is installed, you can see the below-highlighted icon in your browser extension.

How to Set Up the MOBOX Wallet

First, you need to click on the application icon. It will ask you to set up your wallet’s password. Next, it will give you two options for wallet setup:

  • Create Wallet
  • Import Wallet


Create wallet option is for new users, whereas import allows the users to restore their existing wallet in a new device by giving their key phrase.

How to Create A New MOBOX Wallet

Also, if you are a new MOBOX user and want to create a new account, then select this option. The application will ask you to provide a wallet name and show you the key phrase. Store your key phrase safely. Next, verify your key phrase, and your wallet will be created.


How to Buy MBOX Tokens

To work with MOBOX, you need an MBOX token. Users can get the MBOX token from any of the below platforms. Or, you can use the exchange feature to swap your BNB with MBOX.


The MBOX token has multiple utilities inside the MOBOX gaming metaverse. It can be used for staking, governance/ voting, buying gaming assets, etc.

3) Crates (MOBOX Farming)

Once you connect your wallet, on the platform landing page you will see MOBOX Crates. It is a set of optimized yield farming smart contracts that automatically identifies the high yield farm pools for users. Currently, you will find only one farm pool i.e MBOX-BNB.


Users can go to the liquidity tab and provide liquidity with the token pair MBOX-BNB. Therefore, to provide liquidity, just click on the Add liquidity button and deposit both the token in equal amounts. Once your deposit is successful, you will get the MBOX-BNB LP token that represents your share in the pool.


You can later deposit that MBOX-BNB LP token for yield farming by going to the Deposit tab. Users can withdraw their tokens anytime. However, the platform imposes different withdrawal fees for removing the LP tokens in the different time frames (check the below screenshot).


Finally, you can deposit your MBOX-BNB LP token and you can earn MBOX with an APY of 80.99% (at the time of writing this article).

4) MOBOX Exchange

The exchange option allows the users to swap one supporting asset with another. Users just need to select the source token and the amount that they wish to exchange. And the application will calculate the number of resultant tokens you will get.


Users can also set slippage and swap time. If your swap doesn’t process within the defined time, it will be reverted.


5) veMBOX

veMBOX enhances your weight in the Crates farming pool. Users can boost up to 3X of their weight by staking a certain amount of MBOX. However, note that if you add MBOX to get 3X, it will reduce other users’ weightage in the pool. With time as more MBOX is added, you need to add more MBOX to maintain your 3X.

To use it, you need to select the pool, the amount they wish to deposit, and the duration up to which they wish to stake their MBOX token. Then, you will receive an equivalent amount of veMBOX. By following this method, you also enhance your staked APY. It also gives you the right to vote on the development of the MOBOX platform.

To deposit MBOX, click on veMBOX Boost. You will see the below screen.  Here, you need to fill in the amount of MBOX, and the duration (short, medium, or long). Approve and confirm the process.


6) MOBOX Market

The market section lists the NFTs that are currently on sale. Users can find numerous unique NFTs that can be used in various gaming environments. Also, NFTs are categorized into various sections like MOMO, BOX, MEC BOX, GEM, etc. You can go to any section, explore and buy whichever you want.


To buy NFTs in this market, just select the NFT that you like. You can find the market price mentioned underneath the product. Expand its details. You have to first approve spending BUSD (as the game is based on the BSC network) before purchasing the asset. Here is an example:


Once approved, the Purchase button will be enabled, and you can buy the NFT. All NFTs possessed by the users can be seen in the Inventory (My MOMO) section.


MOMOs are the unique NFTs in the MOBOX gaming environment. The platform users or traders buy/earn these NFTs by playing the game. The MOBOX system contains unique token keys, and to get a MOMO, you would require a key. These keys can be acquired/mined by staking in the Crates section. Each key can be used to unlock a BOX to generate and mint a MOMO.

Also, Note that one KEY unlocks one Chest, which opens 1 MOMO. Users can also buy the keys by going to the Market section. Then, once you have the Key, you can go to the Chest section to unlock it. Next, you need to confirm the transaction and you will see the newly minted MOMO unlocked by you on the screen.


You can stake the newly MOMO and you will earn an MBOX token in return. If you are holding Rare or Epic MOMO, then you can upgrade it. Note that you cant upgrade other MOMOs. To upgrade, you would need to burn MOMOs during the process.



Users holding MOMO can sell their assets in the marketplace. They can even sell in a bunch (in case of holding multiple assets) and save transaction fees. The platform charges a fee of 5% when you opt to sell. Note that, you need to bind your farmer address by going to the user setting section before selling.

8) MOMOX User Center

The user center let you fill in mandatory details for the user account set up.

Configure Account

In this section, users can fill/update their profile details like user name, email, phone number, transaction password, etc. You can also bind your farmer address here which is mandatory if you are planning to sell your assets.



Also, users can check their achievement details from this tab. It helps in keeping track of your achievements and referrals on the platform.


Once the users complete 20 tasks, they will receive their first reward. You can claim it once you complete 72hrs.

Registration Invite

You can share their referral link or the QR code with their friends/ relatives and earn MBOX tokens in return. You can check the referral history from the bottom of the page.


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