how to earn and stake tokens in MEXC

In our previous article, we have explained how you can create an account in the MEXC exchange, perform basic trading operations like deposit, withdraw, transfer, place various orders, and set profile security parameters.

In this part, we will learn how users can take benefit from the various features to earn and stake their assets at the MEXC exchange.


Users can go to the Earn section to check the details of various options from where they can earn. Therefore, the MEXC exchange offers the below programs where users can participate and multiply their rewards:

MEXC Launchpad

Also, the exchange has a Launchpad where only MX token holders can participate. Then, it allows new projects to raise funds via public offerings.


Moreover, Kickstarter is an event for the projects that are going to launch on the MEXC exchange. In this event, the MX holders vote for the listed projects. If any of the listed projects fail to meet the goal set by the platform then they will not launch. Projects airdrop their tokens for free to all successful voting users.


In addition, MX Defi allows users to stake and mine new tokens from the latest Defi projects, and offers rewards to them.

MEXC Exchange

Users can check the token requirements to get entry into this pool. The token locks for some specified period. After the maturity period, the token unlocks for the user along with the interest.


The exchange organizes a listing event for new crypto projects where MX holders can participate. Users who are eligible get project tokens via airdrops. They do not need to go through the exchange process.

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MEXC Staking

One of the main components of the Earn feature on the MEXC exchange is their locked and flexible staking. Therefore, users can stake their tokens and earn attractive APY on them.

  • Locked Staking

As the name implies, in locked staking, the token locks for a period. Check the other criteria for staking such as the minimum amount to stake, APY, etc.

If you are satisfied, then click on the Stake button. Now, enter the amount that you wish to stake, and the application will show you the approx. token that you will get at the end of the period.

MEXC Exchange

MEXC Exchange

Moreover, users generally get the yield daily, with a deposit into their spot account.

  • Flexible Staking

In Flexible staking, there is no locking period. Users can unstake their tokens at any time. The yield is paid in the deposited token depending on the user holding and annualized yield.

Also, you can see the below screenshot that lists the token currently available for flexible staking. You may find that APY is less as compared to locked staking.

MEXC Exchange

Stake ETH

The MEXC Exchange allows the users to participate in ETH 2.0 staking. Therefore, the platform will offer BETH tokens in a ratio of 1:1.

Note: ETH 2.0 staking is a one-way process that means you cannot get your tokens back.  The token will be locked for 1-2 yrs.  Therefore, all your staked ETH will be converted into ETH 2.0 assets.

MEXC Exchange


On the other hand, new users can earn rewards by performing a few tasks. You can check the list of tasks from the rewards section. Therefore, rewards are only applicable to new users and they will be deposited into your future account. Read the link here for more details.

MEXC Exchange

Language And Currency

Also, MEXC exchange supports multiple languages and currencies. Users can select their preferred language and currency and see their account details in the desired format.

MEXC Exchange

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