MetaMask Tips and Tricks You Can Use

MetaMask is the most famous browser extension that allows the users to run dApps without being part of the Ethereum network as an Ethereum Node.

MetaMask manages your Ethereum wallet. You can store Ether and other ERC20 tokens in your MetaMask wallet and interact with decentralized applications (dApps).

Apart from allowing users easy and secure access to funds, there are some useful MetaMask tips and tricks that users can use:

Add custom token

You can add any Custom token by providing the Contract Address of the token. You can get a token contract address from etherscan.

Example: See the below steps to add the TOMOE token.

Fill the following details:

  • Contract address: 0x05d3606d5c81eb9b7b18530995ec9b29da05faba
  • Token Symbol: TOMOE
  • Decimal: 18

MetaMask tips - adding custom tokens.

You can now see the TOMOE token in the account.


Connect hardware wallet

You can connect your Ledger or Trezor wallet with the MetaMask wallet.

Connecting a hardware wallet.

Custom network

One of the best MetaMask tips and tricks is that you can connect with different networks through MetaMask.

MetaMask allows users to set up custom RPC by providing a few details.

Example: You can connect with TomoChain Network by following these steps through MetaMask.

Connecting a custom network to MetaMask.

Select the Custom RPC option. The Setting tab will open and ask you to provide a few details.


You can now see the Tomo Network added to the Network list.


Customize gas fee

You can also customize the gas fee from the Edit tab and speed up transaction processing.

MetaMask tips - customizing gas fees.

Connected sites

From connected sites, you can check the list of applications that you have used recently. Also, if you try to connect to those applications again, MetaMask will not ask you to provide your password.

Connecting sites.

But this feature has it’s own disadvantage. If someone gets access to your computer, they can easily get access to your wallet.

Cancel transactions on MetaMask

If the transaction is pending and waiting to be confirmed on the Ethereum network, then MetaMask allows the users to cancel the transaction.

To cancel a transaction, users need to increase the cancellation window. This can be done by editing the transaction fee. Fewer fees will slow down the transaction speed.


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