China is all over the news, and that’s because crypto activities have returned to the region. We’ve recently focused on some of the coins we believe have good potential that is currently under $1. 

Hong Kong’s new regulatory structure allows people to trade cryptocurrencies. We’ve seen serious activity over the last few days. So finding the best coins could be tricky. However, this article will show you four good China or Hong Kong coins under $1. 


Iris Network (IRIS) is a Layer 1 PoS blockchain built on the Cosmos SDK. Interestingly, some of the developers from Tendermint developed the Iris Network. 

Source: Iris Network

The IRIS Network, like Cosmos, plans to be the “Internet of blockchains”. Similar to the Cosmos Hub, IRIS serves as a hub to which other IBC apps can be connected. This means that users can move assets and data between several IRIS-connected networks without experiencing any issues.

The IRIS network also performs the same functions as the Cosmos Hub. It serves as a redundant Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) router for facilitating cross-chain transactions in the case of a continental network division. The IRIS token powers the entire network. It is used for:

  • Staking: Users can stake the IRIS token to secure the PoS blockchain.
  • Transaction Fee: Users can use the IRIS token to pay fees for all transactions on the network.
  • Service Fee: Service providers have to charge fees denominated in the IRIS token.

There are a lot of reasons why this token has the chance to succeed. First, it already has the reputation of being China’s Cosmos. And that makes it unique. Additionally, IRIS has forged alliances with a number of prestigious Chinese businesses and academic institutions, including the China Blockchain Service Network, which was previously described as crucial for the success of any blockchain enterprise in China. 

Furthermore, IRIS Network has a partnership with the Chinese AI business Bianjie AI. The collaboration intends to advance blockchain innovation and discover fresh applications for the IRIS Network.

IRIS Network has a distinct focus and vision for ATOM. IRIS focuses more on the commercial adoption of its blockchain technology in China. Furthermore, the IRIS token is likely to draw some attention if the Cosmos app chain story were to resume while Chinese tokens are still popular. As of now, IRIS trades at $0.023861.

2) CKB

Nervos Network is an open-source public blockchain platform. The idea of the project is to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) economy that enables users to access different secure blockchain services. The Nervous Network addresses one of the largest problems in the blockchain market: a lack of interoperability. 

There are countless networks out there, each with its own specific niche. Unfortunately, these networks are unable to share data in an efficient manner. So, developers often waste time creating functionality that already exists on other platforms. However, the Nervos network supports developers’ creation of decentralized apps on different blockchain platforms. 

The Common Knowledge base, or the base layer, has its own native cryptocurrency known as CKByte (CKB). It powers the Nervos ecosystem and uses the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. CKB is used to:

  • Compensate miners for ensuring network security.
  • Controlling network resources.
  • Enables the user to store value on the network.

As of this article, CKB trades at $0.00325. But it has huge potential to surge as more developers use its services. 

3) CTK

Shentu Chain is a fascinating blockchain ecosystem with good fundamentals. Some experts believe that CTK could be a good investment because of its use cases:

  • Security Oracle.
  • ShentuShield.
  • DeepSEA.
  • Shentu Virtual Machine (SVM).

shentu chain review

Source: Twitter

All of these services combine to create a unique blockchain platform. This blockchain platform addresses needs in sectors like NFTs and DeFi and can also be used for innovative products like autonomous vehicles.

If you are looking for a project with technological fundamentals, then CTK is one of your best bets. Shentu Chain could be a good investment because it integrates a variety of products into an effective platform that could significantly boost the effectiveness of using digital assets. As of this article, $CTK trades at $0.708191.

Source: Twitter

4) DF

DF is the utility token of the dForce network. The dForce Network is an integrated and interoperable DeFi platform. dForce is a set of DeFi protocols that provides services such as lending and trading. The dForce network exists on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and KAVA. The DF token will be used for the following roles on the network:

  • Transaction services. 
  • Community governance. 
  • System stabilizer. 
  • Incentivization.
  • Validator deposits.

The dForce network has huge potential despite trading at $0.04218. Some top investors, such as CMBI (China Merchants Bank International), Multichain Capital, and Huobi Capital, back dForce. There are several sub-products that help the platform function effectively. 


All the tokens listed in this article have a good chance of soaring thanks to this Chinese narrative. You can get these tokens on prominent exchanges like Binance. However, we’d advise that you do your own research before making any investments.

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