BlackRock's Secretive Bitcoin Transactions with Coinbase

This arrangement allows BlackRock to borrow Bitcoin, including for short-selling, without proving a 1:1 holding ratio.

These transactions settle in 2 to 30 days, all in cash, not Bitcoin. Off-chain trades occur outside the blockchain, remaining invisible on the public ledger.
BlackRock’s Off-Chain Bitcoin Borrowing Raises Transparency Issues

This method offers several advantages, including increased transaction speed and reduced fees. However, it also brings about transparency concerns, particularly regarding large-scale transactions involving significant market players like BlackRock.

By utilizing off-chain transactions, BlackRock can borrow Bitcoin from Coinbase without triggering the same level of scrutiny as on-chain transactions. This capability is especially pertinent when it comes to short-selling. Short-selling is borrowing, selling at market price, and repurchasing at a lower price for profit.

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The ability to execute these trades off-chain means BlackRock can conduct substantial short-selling activities. It doesn’t need to provide proof that it holds equivalent Bitcoin reserves. The settlement period for these off-chain transactions ranges from 2 to 30 days, providing flexibility for BlackRock to manage its trading strategies.

During this time, the borrowed Bitcoin can be used for various purposes, including speculative trading or hedging. The final settlement, conducted in cash, further simplifies the process by eliminating the need to return the exact amount of Bitcoin borrowed. This cash settlement mechanism allows for easier balancing of accounts and reduces the complexity associated with handling large volumes of Bitcoin.

More About Blackrock & Coinbase
While this arrangement offers operational advantages for BlackRock and potentially other institutional investors, it raises significant concerns about market transparency. Additionally, it raises concerns about the potential for market manipulation.
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This discrepancy can lead to a distorted view of Bitcoin’s actual supply and demand dynamics. Moreover, the ability to short-sell large amounts of Bitcoin without immediate on-chain accountability can impact Bitcoin’s price volatility.

If BlackRock, or any other major financial institution, engages in substantial short-selling activities, it could exert downward pressure on Bitcoin’s price. This could potentially affect the broader market and retail investors



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