Step Finance revealed that it has burned a whopping 12.5 million $STEP tokens as part of this program.

This move is part of its larger strategy to reduce token supply and reward its community of users. Let’s discover more about Step Finance.

Step Finance’s Token Burn: Rewarding the Community

Under the “STEP SUMMER BURN” program, Step Finance plans to burn 50 million $STEP tokens over four weeks. This amounts to approximately 8% of the total token supply and 13% of the circulating supply. By reducing the token supply, Step Finance aims to create scarcity, potentially driving up the remaining tokens’ value. This benefits existing token holders and aligns with the project’s goal of delivering value to its community.

The decision to burn tokens is a common strategy blockchain projects employ to manage token economics and create value for stakeholders. By reducing the total supply of $STEP tokens, Step Finance effectively increases the scarcity of the remaining tokens. This could potentially lead to increased demand and higher token prices in the long term. This can benefit both investors and users of the Step Finance platform.

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Furthermore, burning tokens can also help to stabilize token prices by reducing the likelihood of inflationary pressures. With a smaller token supply in circulation, there is less downward pressure on prices, which can lead to greater price stability and investor confidence in the $STEP token.

More About Step Finance

Step Finance has just unveiled its latest NFT Analytics release, Analytics 1.1.6, bringing a host of new features to the platform. This update introduces enhanced NFT Analytics collection information, including valuable insights into floors, transactions, and wallet activity.

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Additionally, users will benefit from new collection filters for galleries, listings, holders, and floor insights, providing a more streamlined and comprehensive experience.


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