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The web 3 (metaverse) ecosystem is one of the most innovative spheres in the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Vault Hill City (VHC) is set to bring a new twist to how humans interact with fast-growing metaverse ecosystems. Vault Hill City (VHC) is a human-centric metaverse built using blockchain technology. The metaverse’s main interest lies in providing an environment for humans to seamlessly interact with computer-generated imagery (CGI) in the metaverse.

This simply means that Vault Hill City goes beyond what conventional virtual reality (VR) platforms offer. It is also a firm believer in extended reality (XR) being at the center of all human interaction with emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, etc.

This article is a deep dive into the Vault City Hill (VHC) ecosystem, its major products, features, tokenomics, etc.

Important Facts About Vault Hill City (VHC)

As previously indicated, Vault Hill City focuses on improving human interaction with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). To achieve this, the platform leverages the potential embedded in extended reality (XR) spheres along with blockchain technology, cloud computing, etc. Simply put, the platform is a convergence point for both the real world and the digital world. Furthermore, taking innovation and imagination to new heights.

Vault Hill City (VHC) has a unique virtual land. The land will be made available to content creators to develop and build buildings, art galleries, etc. Also, with VHC, users will be able to customize and bring their personalized avatar to life. They will also be able to explore the extended reality (XR) sphere while also being able to purchase virtual land.

The metaverse platform is designed as a beautiful city with four (4) islands. Each of the islands furthermore contains seven (7) districts. The districts include;

  • Curiosity,
  • Play,
  • Idealism,
  • Romance,
  • Vitality,
  • Imagination, and
  • Lastly, Community.

Also, it is important to note that $VHC is the native currency of the entire Vault Hill City (VHC) ecosystem.

VHC Products

Vault Hill City (VHC)

Source – Vault Hill City

The Virtual Hill City metaverse boasts of four main products namely;

1. The VHC Metaverse – Users can easily purchase a piece of virtual land on the VHC metaverse. VHC also provides them with its unique “NO CODE” builder tool to help build and also display their product and services. The metaverse also has different land types available for sale. The land types include;

  • Standard,
  • Premium,
  • Deluxe, and
  • Exclusive.

2. An NFT Marketplace – this is a reliable platform to trade your NFTs for digital assets. So on the VHC NFT marketplace, users will be able to purchase wearables for their avatars, sell NFTs, etc.

3. Avatars – This is an exciting aspect of the VHC ecosystem. With this product, users will be able to create and customize their avatars. To do this, they will need to upload a selfie on VHC. On the VHC marketplace, interested persons can furthermore purchase wearables for their avatars.

4. XR Consulting – Extended reality is a combination of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). With XR Consulting, VHC will take building and creation in the metaverse to new heights. Imagination will be without boundaries and products and services will be displayed in amazingly new immersive ways.

$VHC Tokenomics

As previously indicated $VHC is the native token of the Virtual Hill City metaverse. The token has also been touted as “a unified metaverse currency”. The token is also deflationary by design with its liquidity pool mechanism and buyback facilitated by both Ethereum and Polygon chains.

Polygon network, according to VHC, is the preferred network for VHC staking and NFT minting because of its carbon-friendly nature and its low gas fees. $VHC major use cases include;

  • Distribution of rewards and incentives
  • Purchase of goods and services on VHC, and
  • Lastly, plans are in place to introduce governance features to VHC tokens soon.

The video below throws more light on how to stake $VHC tokens.

VHC tokens have a total supply of 340 million tokens. Also, its supply is strategically distributed across different stages each with a different vesting period. The token also has an initial circulating supply of 1,150,118 $VHC. This is from both its Airdrop and Bonuses.

Other important $VHC sale metric include;

  • Its Pre-seed sale price of $0.02
  • $VHC Private sale price of $0.03
  • Its Public sale price of $0.05.
  • Lastly, the total $VHC committed is 40,530,253. That is, approximately 12% of the total supply.

The image below shows details of $VHC tokens distribution and its use of funds.

$VHC token distribution

Source – Vault Hill City

In conclusion, VHC is out to completely revolutionize the metaverse ecosystem with its human-centric, innovative, and constructive extended reality (XR) platform.

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