Vault Hill City

On July 22, 2022, the Vault Hill City (VHC) metaverse opened its doors. You can get exclusive access. So, say hello to the first human-centric metaverse. Your feedback will help shape the beta version. Enjoy this unique virtual world.

This is only the first stage before they will launch a full metaverse. Right now, it’s the earliest development phase. Join a select few in this one-of-a-kind space. Relish the privilege of exploring Vault Hill City.

What is Vault Hill City?

Vault Hill City is the first human-centric metaverse. The design is such that you should feel more human, instead of more detached from reality. Besides lovely scenery and great landmarks, you can expect four features.

  1. The info center—This is the location of the interactive map hologram. There are seven districts, and each district has its own distinct color. Each color represents a crucial human instinct.
  2. Teleport—With the teleport function, you can travel to the seven districts of VHC. Currently, you can only visit a sub-island. All the islands are V-shaped.
  3. NFT galleries—There are three galleries. They build each on a different land type. They are Organic-, Minimal-, and Warehouse gallery. Among others, they host exclusive NFT drops. Their motto is that you not only get to own NFTs, but you also experience them.
  4. Amrita Sethi’s CrystalBYTEs meditation space.—This is an outstanding landmark. An oasis of calm with a relaxing atmosphere. You can join mindfulness sessions. See the picture below.

To visit, you only need a PCVR-compatible device. Furthermore, you can create avatars on their website. Create your own digital identity in the VHC metaverse. 

The full metaverse will consist of four islands. Each island will have seven districts. You will find that they themed the districts after seven basic human instincts. These are; Play — Vitality — Romance — Community — Curiosity — Idealism — Imagination.

To help adoption and generate revenue, there are two digital assets. The VHC virtual land and the VHC token. You can sign up here and become part of this early sneak preview.

Vault Hill City

Source: Vault Hill Blogs

What Is Human-Centric? 

“Human centricity means rethinking the internet. Create applications and opportunities that help our human needs and instincts. In addition, promote activities that enhance people’s experience.”

That’s the definition that Vault Hill gives. It gives people the opportunity to find out about their human nature. Most importantly, you decide how anybody can use your data and what happens to it.

Everybody online wants to gather as much information about you as they can. Web 3 empowers you to control this personal information flow. As a result, you can improve your daily life. 

We also see three principles of how games and activities enrich these.

  1. Protecting user data and privacy.

User data is not shared in public and Web 3 devs can’t use it. That’s because of the human-focused approach. In other words, users decide which information they want to share. Websites must follow data protection laws.

2. Enhance human experience in every possible way.

VR apps have intellectual and health benefits. There are studies that show patients using VR experience 24% less pain. 

3. Giving control to people.

Central authorities don’t receive information in Web 3. Simply because it’s not shared with them. In contrast, all interaction is P2P (peer-to-peer). Data misuse is reduced this way. It especially sidelines authorities. Instead, you as a user are in full control of your data and how you want to use it.

Of importance is that VHC recognizes that a virtual world is not an escape from reality. As a result, their virtual world enhances important skills. For example, it can grow your learning or socializing experience.


Vault Hill just launched its first glimpse into their metaverse. Moreover, you can be part of the first and exclusive access to their metaverse. Discover and report and help to improve the experience. Explore their Vault Hill City. Enjoy the first human-centric metaverse. Join them here.

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