karafuru nft collection review

Launched on 4th February, the Karafuru NFT Collection is a collaboration between the Museum of Toys, Urban Sneaker Society, and Indonesian illustrator WD Willie. With only 5,555 NFTs available, the collection soared into popularity recording more than $100M in secondary trading volume. 

With a strong community across all of its social media platforms, Karafuru has made a name for itself in the NFT space. Therefore, in this article, you will discover why this NFT collection is special.

Why Are We Bullish on Karafuru?

Inspired by Japanese cartoons and infused with the illustrator’s colorful art style, Karafuru is a unique collection of 5,555 furus. A highly anticipated collection, Karafuru sure did not disappoint, as evident by the massive sales volume in the first few weeks of launch. Here is 6 reasons why we like it:

  1. As a Karafuru NFT holder, you get a free 3D karafuru and a physical collectible. Being a genesis holder also mean that you get the highest level of value. Here is an example:

2. Building an immersive metaverse experience. The team has already bought lands on    The   Sandbox, Ape Land, Arcade, and more. Having a strong partnership with fellow NFT communities ensures a more vibrant and integrative metaverse experience.

3. There is also a strong community across all its social media platforms. Currently, the collection boasts a strong 347.1K followers on Twitter and 147K members in discord. Having a strong community is important as it is one of the signs of good liquidity. Communities also help to spread the word about the project, raising more awareness and interest in the project.

4. The team is not just creating fancy-looking NFTs. It also seeks to further diversify its income stream apart from its NFT into other areas such as opening up a Karafuru Shop. More income stream means more funds for the project to utilize to further grow the business. Ultimately, NFTs can operate as a business for owners and be treated as a form of investment for holders.

5. Holders are provided access to the Origin NFT analytics platform. This is something that other collections have done too such as JustCubes.

6. They are also provided with a surprise airdrop. Airdrop serves as additional cash flow and utility to the community.

Karafuru Roadmap

In addition, in the first half of this year, the team has hit various milestones such as the launch of:

  • 3D Karafuru.
  • Karafuru Carnival.
  • NFT NYC events.
  • Karafuru Shop.

Also, for the rest of the year, the team will be heavily focused on:

  • Building the Karafuru marketplace.
  • Working on the merchandise collaboration with Atmos and Hypebeast.
  • More real-life events are expected this year.

Karafuru Outlook

Finally, as a holder of Karafuru, you would have received two free NFTs to date, a 3D karafuru and a surprise airdrop. Moreover, the team continues to focus heavily on the genesis holders and has delivered value to their loyal community.

Also, 3D holders can expect to receive more utility in the future and currently offers an attractive entry price to gain exposure to the ecosystem. Therefore, I believe that the project, with the abovementioned utilities and strong support, will continue to do well post bear market.

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